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I knew I would gain weight, but I still couldn't stop it...

2023-02-28 03:49:54

Since a gram of protein and starch/sugar has 4 kilocalories and a gram of fat has 9 kilocalories, the larger the percentage of fat, the higher the caloric value.

High-fat food is a magical existence, as if there is a magic that makes people addicted, knowing that they will gain weight after eating, but they can't help but want to eat, such as fried chicken beer, cola burgers, and various flavors of ice cream, desserts, etc.

But eating too much fat, not only the body will stretch deformation, but also stick to the internal organs, high blood fat, heart disease, fatty liver and other health risks.

When eating, be sure to control the amount, because some foods do not look "oily", but actually hide a lot of fat, such as snowflake beef looks lean, but in fact it is full of white fat patterns, and lean meat is more closely combined, such meat dishes do not exceed 1 time a week.There is also vegetable salad eaten for fat reduction, although the calories are low, but the calories of salad dressing are very high, you can use soy sauce, vinegar, etc. with a small amount of sesame oil to replace the salad dressing, you can also use thinner sesame sauce sauce, mixed with fruit salad can directly replace the salad dressing with yogurt.Today, the editor will teach you 4 "tips" to judge the level of food calories, master these points, and then control the diet accordingly, you will not be afraid of gaining weight.

Look at the moisture content

The more water in the food, the lower the calorie value. Conversely, the higher the dry content, the higher the heat.

Different vegetables, the lowest calories with large moisture, such as winter melon, cucumber, lettuce, etc., the calories are only 10~20 kcal/100 grams.In comparison, sweet peas, beans, etc. are also high-moisture foods, but the "dry goods" are slightly more, and the calories are 30~50 kcal/100 grams; Starch-containing potatoes, yams, etc., the calories are higher, can reach the level of 60~80 kcal/100 grams.

Second, look at the sugar

For fruits, vegetables, juices and other foods, the higher the carbohydrates, the higher the calories.

These foods are usually low in fat (with the exception of durian and avocado) and low in protein. Their main source of calories are carbohydrates (including sugars and starches) , especially sugars. Therefore, the same kind of fruit, sweeter fruit is higher in calories.

Third, look at the fat content

The higher the fat content, the higher the caloric value.

Because 1 gram of protein and starch/sugar has 4 kcal, and 1 gram of fat is 9 kcal, in the case of roughly the same number of dry goods, the greater the proportion of fat, the higher the caloric value.

For example, the same low moisture content of intact plant seeds, adzuki bean calories are 324 kcal/100 grams, soybeans are 390, peanuts are 574. They are 0.6% , 16% and 44% fat, respectively.

Look at the digestibility


Dietary fiber in food will delay digestion and absorption, and resistant starch is not easy to digest and absorb.However, resistant starch is often also counted in the caloric value.

Resistant starch, which is difficult to digest in the small intestine, goes directly into the large intestine, where it becomes “Food” for beneficial bacteria, producing short-chain fatty acid that are beneficial to health. Natural whole grain cereals, starch beans, tubers, there is a part of the“Resistant starch.”.

However, after refined processing, the removal of dietary fiber of food, digestion and absorption rate is usually very high, such as rice steamed bread, biscuit bread.

Moreover, dietary fiber also has three basic functions:

It promotes peristalsis, prevents constipation and reduces the length of time harmful substances remain in the gut, which is why studies have found that eating enough fiber can help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

Can delay the absorption of carbohydrates, reduce postprandial blood sugar.

No calories, satiety and very strong, conducive to control the amount of food and weight loss.

Friends who want to control weight should not only look at the calories contained in food when eating, eat selectively, but also control intake, eat more foods rich in dietary fiber, and eat less foods high in calories.Especially in summer, friends who like to drink drinks, to drink less carbonated drinks, if you want to drink, you can choose dietary fiber drinks, low in calories, conducive to weight control.