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Unforgettable smell of stinky tofu

2023-02-28 03:49:49

Because the taste of stinky tofu is extremely "strong", even if you rinse your mouth after eating, it will inevitably have a taste on your body.

"Stinky tofu" is a kind of private side dish.Because of the special taste, some people like it and some people don't like it.

In the winter in the north, my mother always cooks cabbage and turnips.Occasionally, there is a piece of white tofu, which is also a guest at home, cut into small pieces and eaten with green onions and soy bean paste.

Stinky tofu is made from the leftovers of my mother's tofu mixing.The mother first salted the remaining crushed tofu and put it in a transparent canned bottle.After closing the lid, seal it with a layer of cotton and white cloth, and then tie the bottle tightly with a few turns around the rope.

When she was done, I carefully took the can from her, stepped on the stool, and placed the half-filled tofu at the kitchen chimney exit, where the wind blew and the Three Meals a Day cooked. This allows the tofu to ferment faster and turn into stinky tofu.

White bean curd after salting will bean curd out of the bean juice, bean juice by the chimney of the hot smoke to produce a natural yeast group, and bean curd to produce acid changes. Originally a bottle of salt water tofu will become a special smell of rotten tofu mold. In addition to the soy bean itself, but also to increase the smooth soybean oil.

However, after three or five days, when the naked eye saw that there was a layer of light green mold on the surface of the white bean curd, he opened the lid and sniffed again. A unique fragrance of soy beans rushed straight into his nose. Like It's mouth mouth, don't like people, will cover their faces and run away.

At dinner, I soaked a piece of stinky tofu in the hot steamed bun, and when I took a bite, the wheat aroma of the steamed bun was filled with the musty smell of stinky tofu, which was delicious in the world, but that's it.

If stinky tofu can be sandwiched in scallion pancakes, it is not heaven delicious food. Unfortunately, the mother rarely do scallion pancakes, steamed bread is often to steam. Therefore, when I was a child, I was very satisfied to eat steamed bread with a piece of stinky tofu.

Because the taste of stinky tofu is extremely "strong", even if you rinse your mouth after eating, it will inevitably have a taste on your body.So the time to eat stinky tofu at home is also required.You can't eat at noon, you can't eat when there are guests coming, and if you have arrangements to go out after dinner, you can't eat all day.So even half a bottle of stinky tofu, I can eat it a long time ago.Every time after eating, I will rinse my mouth obediently, and I must change my coat in time.

When I grew up, I went out to study and rarely went home.I haven't eaten stinky tofu made by my mother for a long time.

There are also many places in the city that sell stinky tofu, some similar to those made by my mother, and some made with black beans.They come in different colors, but they are all fried and come with several different chili sauces or sauces.Eat it once in a while, and I always feel that it is not fragrant enough.

In the supermarket also has the soy bean curd, buys a bottle to go home, and the steamed bread clamps eats together, also can not eat the childhood satisfaction and the happiness.

In my memory, making stinky tofu was my mother's unique skill and a happy delicacy of my childhood.The unique aroma of stinky tofu, now that I think about it, I still miss it very much!