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2020 Spring Creative Tea Drinking Flowers are blooming, yogurt roasting fairy joins to experience the temptation of yogurt on the tip of the tongue! Packed for you

2023-02-28 03:49:44


In the tea industry can be divided into three categories of people, a kind of pursuit of fast, a kind of pursuit of new, a kind of pursuit of excellence.

The pursuit of fast psychological anxiety, quick success, the end is inevitably a failure.

The pursuit of new superficial and superficial, shallow taste, the heat comes and goes quickly.

The pursuit of essence is often accompanied by obsession, with love and awe, not only food, but also a life attitude, and a responsibility for health.

Wang Zengqi said: To make food, you must have imagination and love to ponder.

So in the extraordinary 2020, [ flower is opening yoghurt burning grass ]“Home-brewed yoghurt, hand-made grass” for health, unlock yoghurt new way to eat! To the masses 传达年轻、时尚、潮流、讲究品质、享受生活的意味。


The Flower Bloom brand blends with its unchanged unique flavor blended with a careful blend

Strengthen Health, nutrition, health promotion, and other health promotion brand is different from the health effect is greater, more significant.

Flower is dedicated to explore the yoghurt burning grass this matter of more possibilities, adhere to the spirit of originality, support artistic creation, so that yoghurt burning grass into a style, a way of life.

From product development to department terminals, Hua Zheng Blossom pays more attention to the overall experience of consumers.brand

Main natural, nutrition, health, health and into the essence of the tea ceremony, adhering to manual extraction, a reasonable combination of natural and high-quality yoghurt produced.

Give consumers a real sense of relief, for consumers to provide a different yoghurt consumption experience.

Brand adhere to a professional, careful, rigorous attitude to open stores and products, while helping to join hands in the development of business, in the heart to do a good job at the same time, harvest joy and improve efficiency.

Burn fairy grass with yoghurt in full bloom to feel the spring breath

Whether it is a flower in full bloom on the branches

Or new shoots quietly popping up from the treetops

Or the spring breeze gently blowing cheek

- the end of the cold, the beginning of the spring, everything will be all right -