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All the sand in the world has its own style

2023-02-28 03:49:09

Jia Xing in the text with a field of dialogue about the birth of the underworld from the world, a variety of rituals and customs formed between people...

Jia Xing treats language with a sense of awe, as he says in his book: “Use language as carefully as you use a tool, lest you hurt yourself.”

He treats language as such, and so does writing.


In his letter, Jia said, “These repeated events have been sculpted, created, and tiring by countless people who struggle to live and think under the Sun. They have become what they are today. In the midst of our conversations, they have condensed into culture, art, and literature. They appear so crystal-clear and joyous, and as old as grains of sand... .. ."

Although there are only nine articles in "All the Sand in the World", it is Jia Xingjia in his audio column, "Cultural Reference", from 260 issues a year, more than 900,000 words, to pick and choose, and make up the following nine articles.

Jia Xingjia's serious and humble attitude in the process of“Putting together” shows us the deep and approachable dialogue in front of us.

A conversation with "space-time"

“Why am I so interested in time? Because I live it all the time...” says director Nowland

Each of us is in time and space, constantly rolling forward in our own lives with the torrent of time...

The author is full of awe for time, he felt that time is a great theme, so he for the science fiction theme of time with a kind of mind away.

But the author looks at everything in time in his own way, such as language, fate, currents, and ourselves ...


In the face of the rise of online language, a sentence in the article sums up his attitude towards it.

In his book, he says: "Today's spoken language is also partly 'decentralized'... Everyone has the right to choose how they use their language..."

It is a kind of emotion and acceptance in the face of the changes of the times, just as he was lucky in the group of the times.

Whether it is the rise and fall of the network language, People's vicissitudes, or popular folk representatives of certain groups of sub-culture are like sand in the wind, riding the wind of the times up and down...

And we are in this space-time, in the struggle between the tumbling, sometimes deep in it... Sometimes it's outside... ...

A dialogue with“US”

In our hearts have a home of their own, in the primary school can be familiar with the recitation of the poem“Silent Night to think” on a way to do a person's homesickness.

During the Republican period, there were people called squires, who were not interested in the outside world or liberating all mankind, but the important thing was to run this small world of their own.Their concern for their hometown is deep-seated, they know the local culture well, and they know the local resources clearly.Ancient gentry usually brought resources to their hometowns, forming a cycle of center and edge.

So at that time, each place felt like a small center, and the mentality was more calm.

In contrast to modern times, one of the reasons people are so anxious is that we all want to go to the big city center, each of US acquiesced in the marginal meaningless, resulting in their own heart does not have a small center.

In the book, the author writes: "Homesickness and knowing that the hometown has melted away is disturbing."”

So our hearts run to our hometown, but our bodies run towards the big city... Although it is often said that knowledge and action are one, the helplessness of this world and the separation of body and mind often make us lose ourselves in it, and we will rise and fall in the world...

“The real hero is not to change the world, but to change every day of your life,” Xiang Biao said in taking yourself as the method

Each of us is his own hero.

Dialogue with the“Real” and the“Virtual”

We live in this world, and life always has to go on, so in life we derive a lot of our life needs of the virtual and real...

Like ghosts...

In the text, Jia Xingjia uses dialogues to narrate the birth of the netherworld from the yang, and various rituals and customs are formed from people...

“All the sand in the world” has two sentences: “Explain the afterlife is the core power of religion. “The victors of the underworld are not the faiths, but the customs of the Chinese people.”

Life in the world inevitably secular, beyond the matter that another matter, but whether in the world of mortals or in the world of mortals, are to solve the problem of life.

There is a sentence in the book: "Their sustenance in death is not because they are tired of life, but because they want to solve the problem of life."”

So many stories give people a presence to build and create hope on their own, and there are also records that give meaning to being alive.

There is a saying: “Looking for meaning is very meaningless.”

In“The meaning of life,” there is a sentence: “People live to find the meaning of life, which is given to people in life the most difficult mission

These two sentences seem to contradict each other, but in fact they both have their reasons. The meaning has meaning to us and has no meaning to others. They are dialectical and unified.

We humans use our thinking ability, with curiosity, and with a fearless spirit to face the real and the illusory world.


We are tumbling in the long river of time and space to create our own dialogue with the universe, the world, and ourselves...

Like those round grains of sand that tumbled over millions of years, they settled in all corners of the world...

“All the sand in the world,” there is such a sentence: “All the sand in the world, a free style

The end

Although we can't see all the sand in the world, we can find some common sense from individual sand, which helps us open up the pattern and broaden our horizons.

“All the sand in the world” is such a book, it is easy to understand and all-encompassing...