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A 46-year-old Republican Congressman from Ohio is dead?

2023-02-28 03:48:59

其死亡时间是当地时间2月25日发布,而当地时间2月22日,特朗普与美国参议员万斯(JD Vance)、东巴勒斯坦镇镇长特伦特·科纳韦(Trent Conaway)以及其他地方领导人一起访问俄亥俄州列车脱轨事故现场。

I was searching for follow-up news about the transfer of pollutants from the Ohio poisoned train, and suddenly found a short message: Chris Jordan, an Ohio State Senator, died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 46.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine ordered the flag to be lowered to half-mast at the state capitol.

46 years old, an absolute age for American politicians; Of course, for the vast majority of jobs, this age is still the age of fighting.

At such an age, at such a sensitive time, is it possible to avoid Lenovo?

"Died unexpectedly.

According to public sources, check out Chris Jordan's resume:

Born in 1977;

entered politics at the age of 25 as a Republican county commissioner in Ohio Twara, serving as a legislative assistant to Rep. Joan Lawrence and Rep. Jon Peterson;

31 years old as a member of the Ohio State Senate, 8 years;

Married, raising 3 children, typical conservative;

Before his "accidental" death, he was a Republican member of the Ohio House of Representatives.

I looked up party affiliation in Swing state, which had voted for Obama many times during the Obama years, but in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, and, most recently, in the 2022 mid-term congressional elections, Ohio backed Donald Trump solidly.

Above, Ohio votes in the 2020 presidential election, and Donald Trump is on top of the pack! Vance, backed by Donald Trump in the mid-term elections, also got his way in the Senate, accompanying him on an East Palestinian tour last weekend. Mike DeWine, the Governor of Ohio, is also a Republican.

So Ohio, who is mostly white at the bottom, is no longer Swing state, but the deep red of the Trump vote.

That may be the main reason Donald Trump risked his life last week when he brought 14,000 bottles of bottled water into the east Palestinian town where the train struck.

Biden replied angrily, “No”! The White House also responded that no arrangements had been made.

From Chris Jordan's resume, it is not difficult to find that he has worked hard, if not meritoriously, in the process of turning Ohio into the deep red zone of Trump's iron ticket.

Well, in Trump's eyes, he is definitely a red man; In Biden's eyes, he is naturally a figure who wants to get rid of him quickly.Therefore, such a person died in a "sudden accident" at the age of 46, is it difficult to think of people?

The following four things add to the suspicion of his death:

In the process of dealing with the poisoned train accident, the Biden administration's inaction, extremely negative attitude, coupled with the "controlled release" of the highly toxic vinyl chloride fire, showed extreme unprofessionalism, so that the impact of pollution expanded, and American netizens called themselves "the American version of Chernobyl", which will cause long-term and lasting damage to Ohio, an agricultural continent and nearby water systems.

Early, the U. S. authorities deliberately conceal, and even arrested reporters. On Feb. 8, Avon Johann Heinrich Lambert was arrested on charges of trespassing and resisting arrest as he prepared to record a live broadcast of Governor Mike Devin's press conference.

The mission crashed.

The time of death came after Trump's visit.The time of his death was released on February 25, local time,

Note the timing of Donald Trump's visit and the time of the mission's crash, which means at least six people have died around Donald Trump's visit.


How long is the bloody Doomsday Empire?