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Timmy Xu Wei Zhou unlocks new fashion pose, Huawei nova3 primrose gold “I'll show you”

2023-02-28 03:48:19

In the photo, Xu Weizhou cleverly uses the stylish primrose gold color scheme of Huawei nova3 to add a different texture to the look.

This summer, Huawei Nova, a mobile phone brand aimed at young people, launched a new product, the Huawei nova3, which has sparked a craze for street photography in China's hipster community, including Sanlitun and Taikoo Li, hand-held images of Nova3 Street in Huawei are everywhere, and they are as popular as ever. And all because of Huawei Nova3's stylish primrose gold colour scheme. That helped Huawei's Nova3 to break the brand's best first-ever sales record by selling 2M units in its first month, making it the summer's best seller.

Until now, Huawei's Nova3 Primrose Gold has been hot, both online and offline. Huawei's mobile-phone launch of “Shine, Shine, Shine” has garnered more than 70m views and counting. Timmy Xu Wei Zhou, one of the most popular young artists in Huawei, took to the streets with her Primrose Primrose Gold. She took a series of street photos to show off her love for a man with a variety of styles in autumn, which caused her fans to call her online. In the photo, Timmy Xu Wei Zhou cleverly uses Huawei's Nova3 fashion primrose gold to add a different texture to the look.

Autumn always has a bleak atmosphere, Timmy Xu Wei Zhou's yellow-and-white sweater, but brought a warm feeling. Huawei's Nova3 Primrose Gold is more like a sunny day, illuminating the season and becoming part of the overall look. The picture looks like a youthful boy in spring, without a trace of autumn sentimentality.

The rock boy in leather can still release his inner strength and warmth.The overall picture is dark, and the clothes are also very uninhibited, plus Xu Weizhou's resolute eyes, it looks very tough.The appearance of Huawei nova3 primrose gold releases the positive energy mining in the depths of Xu Weizhou, which contrasts with other elements in the picture.Although the picture elements are obviously different, the appearance of primrose gold does not seem too abrupt, and it also makes the picture look particularly layered and deep.

This shape should be the most able to outline the fall. Timmy Xu Wei Zhou's warm yellow coat blended with the thick fallen leaves on the ground, allowing the romance of the Parisian streets to spread freely. The Primrose Gold of Huawei's nova3 further magnified Xu Weizhou's already gentle and warm manly temperament, i Can't help it if I look at it a few more times.

In addition to Xu Weizhou, many stars participated in the topic of "Just Yao You Look Good" Weibo, through different shapes, self-interpretation of the fashion temperament of Huawei nova3 primrose gold.For example, Wang Linkai, a little ghost with a stunning performance in "China Has Hip Hop", interprets the youthful and invincible ghosts and spirits; young writer Yuan Zihao exudes water-like tenderness in his eyes; The little fairy Song Yiren magnifies the cute and sweet infinitely... It seems that Huawei nova3 primrose gold can play a finishing role in any style of picture.

Such a versatile "special function" is not unrelated to the careful deployment of Huawei nova.Huawei nova cooperated with Pantone, an international color authority, to integrate the annual popular color primrose yellow into the fuselage, and also carried out a nano-coating process that can make the fuselage shine, making the restrained but eye-catching characteristics of primrose yellow more three-dimensional, interacting with different light environments to form a glossy texture like jewelry, making Huawei nova3 primrose gold look not only a digital product, but more like a fashion item.

On the streets of major international fashion weeks this year, Huawei nova3 primrose gold frequently appeared, fashion celebrities and international models have picked up Huawei nova3 primrose gold street photos, extending the spotlight on the catwalk to the street, forming a unique trend.For the primrose gold color fuselage, they are even more praiseworthy, and their love is overflowing.This international recognition also makes Huawei's nova brand awareness more international, and it is believed that it will go further on the road of fashion trends in the future.

From domestic to overseas, Huawei's Nova3 Primrose Gold has unlocked a new fashion pose. From now on, fashion items would not be limited to traditional accessories such as handbags and watches. Mobile phones that were carried with them could also become fashion sprites, giving the overall shape an aura and texture. So international fashion items, you do not hurry to get the same?