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Cao Musheng said: [Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage] will become mainstream medicine in the future!

2023-02-28 03:48:09


Someone said: Massage does not cure disease! Some say: Massage cures all diseases!


一、按摩治病不治病?   二、按摩为什么治病?

What disease does massage treat? 4, massage professional title of chaos!

Five, massage industry chaos! The future of massage industry!

First, massage treatment disease not cure disease?



This is not the point, the point is the room with a“Intestinal obstruction” plus“Liver ascites” ready to“Basket-making” in-patient. Massaged twice by her, ventilated that day, defecated at night, discharged the next day... [ grunting ]

I asked her how she was treated, and she said she didn't know either! Anyway, according to the method I taught him, I drew the scoop according to the gourd, pressed the front circle (lungs, large stomach and spleen) once, and patted the back (heart small arm kidney).After about 20 minutes of energy handling, the patient said that his stomach was not bloated and he felt very comfortable.Ventilation and bowel movements begin that night, and feel more comfortable afterwards.The next morning pestered her and pressed again, and her belly was small... The doctor said that the stagnant water disappeared and he was discharged!

Well, here comes the conclusion.

Massage treatment for pain caused by multiple bone metastases of cancer, fast-acting; Dizziness, nausea, chest tightness, stomach bloating, and lower extremity weakness after chemotherapy are also rapid-acting.At the same time, it is also fast-acting for intestinal obstruction and liver ascites.

So, here's the problem.

Why is massage healing? What diseases does massage treat? Why is it that 99% of masseurs can't Treat a disease? In the end what is the real treatment of massage!

Two 按摩为什么治病?

Massage "cures"? Massage "cures all diseases"? Many people will think it's a joke!

Some people even say: press "chest" to become bigger, press "face" to become smaller, is it possible? This is not scientific?

In fact, massage can not only enlarge breasts, but also slim the face, and can also cure diseases! And it's all scientific!

The reason why the public thinks that massage is unscientific is because no one has yet used scientific models to interpret the theory of massage! If you let medical theories become popular language that the public can understand.And with scientific theory, visual inspection, batch cases are well known to the public! Massage will become the mainstream medicine of the future!

Does massage cure disease?

It depends on two factors: 学术思想和技术手段!

Academic thought consists of three elements: models; Theory; Technology.

The technical means consist of three elements: inspection; Diagnosis; Conditioning.


Diagnosis is greater than treatment, no diagnosis is no treatment, and the whole diagnosis is the whole treatment.Many people just understand some massage techniques, do not know how to check diseases, diagnose diseases, of course, there is no concept of curative effect!

Understand the massage technology, do not understand the disease.


In other words, if these people who understand massage techniques learn how to check diseases and diagnose diseases... You can quickly make technology a means of solving problems, and become a master of investigation, diagnosis and treatment!


How to become A master of investigation, diagnosis and treatment!

It's actually quite simple:



So, in turn, first understand what life is and what disease is.As soon as the idea changes, the efficacy changes!


Go beyond the technical means of massage to build a disease diagnosis model; Jump out of the disease diagnosis model and understand the mystery of the structure and life of the human body! Understand the mystery of life, and then reflect on the occurrence, development and outcome of diseases! It has holographic academic thought.Then face the disease: it is easier to investigate, diagnose, and treat the disease.



Academic thought consists of three elements: scientific models; medical theory; Technical means!

Medical theory comes from three elements of science: The Universe is matter, matter is energy, energy is motion!

Different concepts of material and energy: two branches of medicine and four medical theories were born!

Material View: "Human Body Structure View" "Biomedical View"

The view of energy: The View of life medicine and the view of ecological medicine


1. Modern medical concepts, models and methods:


a. Concept: Human body structure!

Under the scalpel, it was found that the human body consists of organs and tissues such as heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney, skin, veins, muscles and bones, etc. .

B. Model: Biomedicine!



Materialist ideas constitute the most fundamental:

The view of human matter! Interpret disease with substance!

It was founded on the idea of materialism:



Materialist thought gave birth to two diagnostic and therapeutic techniques:

For example.

When unwell:

Fever, cough, shortness of breath...

When you have abdominal pain, diarrhea, or don't feel like eating.


X-ray, CT, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, examination of local organ structure density. When organ tissue density changes...

The surgeon will say:

People are sick, and diseases are tangible; Minimally invasive, interventional, surgical!

Concept 2.0 physicians of biomedical theory will:

Blood test, urine test, stool test, microscopic microbial data indicators.When the number of microscopic organisms is abnormal...

Physicians will say:

People are sick, and there are many diseases; Restrain, confront, Kill!

Everything is scientific:

First is to check, then is to diagnose, finally is to cure!

The question is that man is a whole, partial examination science?

To treat the whole with local, tangible treatment of the invisible treatment of science?


Local: bone diagnosis, bone discussion, bone pain, orthopedic treatment?

Local structure image pk global function image


Many masseurs go astray, into the disease, the disease of the misunderstanding. Think to remember all the bones, all the muscles, all the dissection structure can cure the disease. Results in clinic, massage muscle, release fascia, correct bone, pull cone space, the curative effect is not ideal.

Learn a lifetime of tangible material structure, and do not understand that life is invisible energy cycle, and even the simple pain can not understand! Ridiculous! Scary? Wake Up! Less killing, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints!

I just want to say:

There is no model in the brain, or the diagnosis and treatment model is used incorrectly, the more you learn, the heavier the burden! When the fragmented knowledge points of learning become a burden, it is a waste of time and life while misdiagnosis and mistreatment!

More masseurs say:

Massage can only regulate traumatic diseases, not internal medical diseases!

It's not that I can't, it's that the idea of painting the ground as a prison limits the mind!

A physical structure of matter

2. Future medicine

Key words: dissipative structure“Life medicine” dimension reduction blow!

Modern medicine takes the human body as the coordinate, uses the incision to find the different method: discovered the human body structure and so on heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, skin, arteries, muscles and bones. Eighty-four thousand more diagnostic diseases have been invented based on the structural changes in the shape and density of the organs and tissues of the human body!

When the patient is unwell:

Fever, cough, difficulty breathing... At this time, it can be diagnosed as new pneumonia based on structural imaging.Well, abdominal pain, diarrhea, not wanting to eat ... What is the disease again? Whether it is an independent diagnosis of the disease, or a group of symptoms that are causal and related to fever and cough.

Invisible energy dissipation

Future medicine to life as the coordinates, with the idea of finding the law together: found that life is an open system, the process of life is the process of constant energy dissipation. This process of dissipation is orderly health, disorder is disease, stop is death.

Energy disorder manifests itself as:

Invisible functional anomaly and visible organic anomaly.

When the structural density of the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, skin veins, flesh and bones is abnormal, it indicates abnormal energy circulation.

When eating, drinking, defecating, sleeping, sitting, lying, walking appear abnormal functional behavior, or abnormal energy cycle.

As long as the orderly circulation of energy is restored, it can self-heal functional diseases, and then self-heal organic diseases.

Geometric model of meridians

What is dimensionality reduction strike?

Organ tissues are three-dimensional bodies; The choroid is a two-dimensional face; Meridians are one-dimensional lines; Acupuncture points are zero-dimensional points! When the density of organ tissues such as cancer, tumor, and new pneumonia changes.Cut it with a scalpel and solve it! By lowering the dimension, using massage methods, unclogging meridians, transporting energy, and restoring the orderly circulation of qi and blood is also a solution.

That massage is not scientific, is not yet learned what is science!

To say that massage does not cure diseases is that you have not yet learned what a disease is?

Massage is science! Also the future: mainstream medicine!

3. Ancient Chinese medicine

Keywords: Eight Steel Dialectic "Ecomedicine" Energy Handling!

Learn medicine to find the law, understand that life is a dynamic cycle process.

Zang-fu organs synthesize energy; perfuse meridian space; release through skin opening and closing.

There are only three medical diseases learned here:

Internal zang-fu disease; middle meridian disease; external ying-wei disease.

The three diseases are combined as one cycle of air flow and separated as abnormal energy circulation in the three major spaces.


Let's start with the cold and hot temperature:

The difference between the living and the dead is temperature;

The difference between health and disease is also temperature;

Temperature determines life and death; The changes of body temperature can lead to the changes of the density of organs and tissues, as well as the changes of the number of microscopic data indexes of bacteria The change of temperature can be used not only in the diagnosis of disease, but also in the evaluation and comparison of curative effect before and after the treatment!

Other words:

Find rules with life as coordinates:

All diseases only go up and down in one breath.

Use ecology as a coordinate to find contradictions:

Abnormal lifting and lowering of the gas machine will lead to four changes: cold and heat.

Look for differences in disease coordinates:

Find differences in space temperature and structural density.

Heat expands; Actually bulge: inflammation, tumors...

寒则挛缩: Hollow: ulcer, cancer, cavity, water, exhaustion, necrosis... Just eighty-four thousand disease?



The person has the disease, the disease has the number; suppresses, antagonizes, kills;


Visible disease, invisible treatment: smooth, flat, round!

Different ideas, different theories, different methods;

Different diagnoses, different therapies, different efficacy!



It is not difficult to cure the disease!

Using high-dimensional thinking decide

The problem with the lower version is called: Medical Concepts!

Solve with low-dimensional ideas,

High-dimensional problem is called: dimensional blow!

Use simple techniques of smoothing, leveling and rounding.


It can treat musculoskeletal diseases, internal organs, skin diseases, psychiatric diseases, cancer tumors...



What diseases can massage treat?

Three What disease does massage treat?


If the human body structure and biomedical model are used to interpret the disease, all the symptoms are unknown!


There are only two known theories to interpret chronic disease:




Massage can self-healing functional diseases, then more than half of the chronic diseases can choose massage!

If you think:

Abnormal function will lead to organic diseases! Improved eating, drinking, defecating, sleeping and other functions, can be indirectly self-healing heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney and other organic diseases. Inflammation, tumors, cancer... Then all the chronic diseases can be the first choice massage!

Of course, if you think:

Massage is not scientific! Massage does not cure! can also!

If the heart is born, all kinds of laws are born, and the heart is destroyed!

You do not acknowledge the existence of microwaves, do not delay your use of the microwave oven.You don't acknowledge the presence of the signal and don't delay your use of the phone!

But when gravity becomes a universal truth, it doesn't matter whether you are aware of it or forced to accept it!

Facing the concept of Health:

If you are sick, you should treat it as soon as possible!


Active health or passive medicine is your choice!


Natural selection, survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest!

2020, from now on! If you don't change your mind, you change people! Wake up!

Four, massage title Chaos!

Massage can cure diseases, so is it possible to find a masseur with a professional title to cure diseases! Non also!

There will be massage massage division of Chinese massage division, Rehabilitation Division of Sports Rehabilitation Division, as well as health care Masseuse Health Museum, and folk of various sects of therapy!

Health masseur : Have a low, medium and senior masseur certificate.Massage routines, by part, by time.A masseur who only understands routines, does not understand diseases, and does not understand diagnosis, will definitely not cure diseases!

康复科按摩师 : have a professional medical certificate. Their theory comes from anatomy, they know the physical structure of the human body like the back of their hand, and they are good at dealing with pain in the Traumatology Department. But do not understand the energy dissipation of life, do not understand the invisible cycle of meridians, and even most people naively think that structural abnormalities caused by functional diseases. So for stroke hemiplegia, zang-fu disease, abnormal conditioning effect, general. Even many rehabilitation doctors do not have the luxury of massage can cure!

So can TCM practitioners in Tuina treat diseases?

Western medicine studies tangible structures, and Chinese medicine studies invisible energy.Most TCM Tuina practitioners learn about tangible material structures (musculoskeletal) and do not understand the invisible energy cycle (cold and heat).Many people think that they are Chinese medicine practitioners just by remembering a few acupuncture points and can massage the eight methods, which is ridiculous!



The massage industry has no standard of diagnosis and treatment, and chaos is reborn.

Will Not Cure and title, position has nothing to do with!

Healing depends on thought, and thought comes from the cognition of life and disease!

The diagnostic model of the brain is the cure! The simpler, the better!

Fifth, the chaos of the massage industry?

1. Classification of massage industry

The massage industry can be divided into two categories:

One kind is the health care massage, one kind is the medical treatment massage.

Health care massage PK medical massage

Medical massage is one of the internal and external therapies of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) .

And the health care massage is mainly by relieving the guest's fatigue, so that guests from the psychological and physical get fully relaxed.

Why health masseurs say:

Massage is health care, massage does not cure disease?

Because health massage is used

A thousand people one routine, one routine for decades.It is not clear what the white man is sick about, and there is a parallel line between the manipulative skills used and the patient's illness.

So there is no concept of cure or not! Even some of the results are blind because the medical treatment is not clear.To treat diseases, we must be rational, academic is not reasonable, and pit yourself in the pit.Only by learning to understand the theory, using theory to guide the technology, using science to investigate the disease, using reason to diagnose the disease, and using reason to drive the disease, can it be possible to cure the disease!

Health Masseurs do not cure, then medical school graduates of the class masseuse will cure it? I don't know!

Medical massage differs in theory and technique:

It is divided into Western medicine massage and Chinese medicine massage.

Western medicine massage PK Chinese medicine massage

Traditional Chinese massage is a“Time-honored”, through disease diagnosis, diagnosis and special techniques play a role in disease-dispelling and prolonging life. After thousands of years of accumulation, the people have also left a good reputation.

Western medicine massage is a new word, sometimes western medicine also said to massage treatment, but the focus of its massage techniques is muscle and bone, promote the absorption and dissipation of local inflammation without seedlings.

Seeing a doctor depends on thought:

Different thoughts, different curative effects!

one studies the structure of tangible matter;

A study of invisible energy transport!

Who will become the mainstream medicine of the future!

Western Medicine Theory of Massage: The Concept of Matter!

: Manual mechanical energy can not only be converted into heat energy, bioelectric energy and improve blood circulation (blood supply, nutrition cells; reflux, taking away garbage, purifying blood); lymphatic return (accelerates edema and absorption of lesion products), eliminates muscle swelling and contraction; Moreover, the stimulation of manual mechanical energy is converted into chemical energy through the nervous system, that is, the production of endogenous "morphine"-like substances (MLF) to relieve pain and eliminate disease!

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory of Massage: Energy View!

Five Steps to Studying Medicine:

The first step is to build a spatial model (disease location identification)

The second step, into the air this material (disease) ;

The third step, add the temperature to let them convection (disease) ;

In the fourth step, add density to let them rise and fall (identify lesions);

The fifth step is to use this model to explain what is life, what is medicine, what is disease.

In clinical, break the mystery of disease occurrence (pathogenic cold and heat) , development (deficiency and excess of focus) and prognosis (ascending and descending of pathogenesis) !

It's hard to learn medicine, it's hard to have no model!

It's hard to treat a disease when you don't know how to diagnose it!

Herbaceous medicine with three teaching models to understand what is the meridian! And what is life? What is medicine? What is the secret of disease?

1. Meridian is a geometric model of human body space! It is used to interpret the relationship between the rise and fall of the air engine in space and the position of disease.

2. Meridians are biological models that constitute vital signs! It is used to interpret the relationship between energy, temperature, cold and heat, and pathology.

3. Meridians are a physical model that promotes disease outcomes! It is used to interpret the relationship between substance density and lesions.

From the future!

With scientific models, visual inspection,

The idea of massage treatment will be well-known throughout the world!

The rise of the concept of massage, is the spring of Chinese medicine!

The future of massage industry!


The world does not believe in traditional Chinese medicine;

TCM people don't believe in themselves!


The theory of TCM is not scientific;



Do not believe in traditional Chinese medicine to see a doctor;

How to make the world believe in traditional Chinese medicine;

The solution to the crisis of confidence:

Scientific theory;

Standardization of diagnosis and regulation.

Industry Chaos is because of the lack of industry standards!

Develop standards and norms for the massage industry:

Standard training materials; standard title review;

Standardized diagnosis and treatment system; Standardized medical case assessment;

By the standards of the European Union,

Do massage system certification!

Let the countrymen believe! Let the world recognize!

重新赋予: Massage has extraordinary meaning and value!

Mission of Herb Medicine:

The“Four modernizations” of traditional Chinese medicine to promote the“Health 4.0” revolution!

Let people all over the world believe in Chinese medicine; TCM people believe in themselves!

Realize the great dream of All People's health and healthy China!

On the targeted attack and dimensionality reduction strike of [coronavirus]!

Massage methods and acupuncture therapy to break [new pneumonia]!

On the remote rescue and self-rescue scheme of new type pneumonia!

Dimensionality reduction to combat the "coronavirus" and self-heal the "new" pneumonia!