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【Parenting 5】What should I do if the teacher asks the child to recite ancient poems, and he can't memorize it for more than 1 hour?

2023-02-28 03:47:39

Play games with your child. Recite and recite ancient poems together. Play catch-up games with your child. Make up stories about ancient poems. Listen to your child talk about his paintings and poems.

Chen Xiuyu

Jian Shubei has arrived, how to play?

In such a standoff, a good parent's first reaction is to hug their child: “Baby, Let's take a break and think about it later.”

First, parents should understand and empathize

Children's memory is often beyond adults, there are not many ancient poems, memorized for more than 1 hour will not be, must not be in the state, the method is not good, the main body of memory - the brain, can not establish an effective connection.The child is very anxious, and the more anxious he is, the more he can't remember.

Psychological experiments have shown that people who are in a good mood and full of spirit have good memory, while those who are in a bad mood have poor memory. So the most important thing at this time is the understanding and empathy of parents.

A hug and a greeting can relieve the child's tension, pull the child out of the dead end of memory, and make the child feel good before leaving.

Second, teach children some methods

“Chopping wood not according to grain, tired to death chopping wood people,” ancient poetry for children is some of the text symbols, is more difficult to understand difficult to remember. How do you break the lines and get the kids close? Stories, rhythms, and paintings are good ways to do this. Tell related stories, recite according to the rhythm, start painting poetic.

3. Do some parent-child games


In short, tossing in a way that children are familiar with and like, children are easier to understand and easy to remember.With the right method, children will find that memorizing ancient poems is not difficult and interesting.



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