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"Serial Diary" 4 beauties returned to their hometown to raise pigs and pick up!

2023-02-28 03:47:04

She is doing an ecological park, covering a wide area, investing a lot, there are places to eat, accommodation, and fishing and other entertainment facilities, usually will receive some activity pictures sent from Jianshu App pictures sent from Jianshu App pictures sent from Jianshu App pictures sent by Jianshu App The beautiful boss told me about many difficulties and pain points in agriculture, and said that if I go back to the countryside

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First, these are our final 4 partners.

Two months ago, I posted in various sections, gathered like-minded friends to go to the countryside with me, and started a business while living in seclusion, many friends are concerned about how things are going, and today I will tell you about it.

Why seclusion? In the big city for many years, although I have settled in Beijing, but I can't find that sense of belonging, the city is full of traffic, reinforced concrete, congestion, air pollution, these all make me tired, I am a woman who loves nature, as long as I am in the mountains and wilderness, facing green mountains and green water, no matter how depressed the mood will be healed by nature, the mountains and flowing water make me calm and peaceful, the purpose of working hard in the city is also to hope that one day, let myself have the ability to return to nature, to achieve the obsession between running mountains and wilderness.

The reality is often cruel, and I can't get this beautiful imagination after working hard for half a life, so I don't want to wait any longer, I don't want to be with the green mountains and green waters after I die.

I decided to implement my goal immediately, and while I was not yet old, I sought the company of like-minded women and ate in seclusion in the mountains and forests, so I came up with the idea of starting a business while living in seclusion.

At first, the idea was very simple, just want to find a few girls to find a beautiful place to settle down, a lot of beautiful things in the mountains, we can record them with a pen, show them with videos, share them with those who also love nature, now self-media and short videos are popular, we can also use the experience of e-commerce, do some rural treasures and other things, help farmers promote their products, promote our own handicrafts.

A beautiful girl named Cissy came to me and was willing to walk with me, we chatted together, imagined a beautiful future, we began to choose a site, began to design gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards, because of her appearance, I put field trips on the agenda...

In early April, I booked a ticket from Beijing to a mountain in Chongqing, began my first field trip.

It was a small village in the mountains, beautiful scenery, and I took a lot of photos along the way and sent a few to everyone

The picture is from the book App

The picture is from the book App

When I went, it was when the rape blossoms were blooming, the mountains were golden yellow, the breeze was blowing, and the air was a little sweet.

On the way to the mountain, the scenery is also very moving, a couple who herded sheep, sitting quietly on the side of the road, now the rural conditions are good, every family in the mountain has access to the road, my goal this time is a mountain, where my grandmother and grandfather lived, since my grandfather died, my grandmother moved to the bottom of the mountain, there has been no one for many years, according to my vision and Sixi, ready to clean up the place again.


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From here you need to walk up the mountain, this road was built by my grandfather, grandpa and grandmother and love elevator story is the same, the whole road up the mountain is slowly built with stones moved by grandfather, just for grandma to go down the mountain can be a little easier, the house because there is no one living for a long time, it looks very dilapidated, the grass on the ground is very deep, and it is trampled down by animals such as wild boars.

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In the early years, because there were people living here, there was water and electricity, but now there are no more, if you want to live, you need to reconnect, and there are many fruit trees, plum trees, peach trees, apple trees, loquat trees, walnut trees, etc. planted by my grandfather before, but unfortunately the weeds are too strong, a lot of thorny rattan, I didn't go in to shoot.

Because I couldn't live here, I had to go back to the village and live in another house, which was built by the government and provided for the villagers to live in, basically with bags.


This is my temporary residence of the hut, three rooms a hall, inside the kitchen and toilet are complete, but also done decoration. First more here, wake up to continue

The eggs and vegetables given to me by nearby villagers, I started to cook my first meal in the mountains.

The picture is from the book App

The picture is from the book App

The picture is from the book App

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In the countryside, there was an earthen stove. It was such a big pot, and it felt good to stir-fry the vegetables. It was completely unafraid that the vegetables would fall out over the range. The mountains were full of wood fires, all kinds of trees, and all kinds of grass. Over time, a thick layer of ash accumulated on the pan and at the bottom of the pot, it is a traditional Chinese medicine, which can cure many diseases.

Accidentally the fire is too strong, the garlic seedlings are a little mushy, the local eggs are so fragrant, the naked eye can see that the eggs are different from the usual



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Xi Xi was the first girl to show a lot of determination. She was very pretty and artistic. She and I made plans together.

For the next few days, I asked her every day, but found that she returned less and less, and even began not to respond.

Although Cissy lost contact, I was still very firm in the idea that I Chinese would definitely find a woman who would be willing to be with me, and I continued to post online.

There are many people who say, if you want to do it, then do it, make achievements for people to see, and naturally someone will follow.It makes sense to think about it, if I bloom, the breeze will come...

The next few days, I went to a rural market, saw this thing to sell, I heard it is traditional Chinese medicine, you know what it is?

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At the recommendation of a friend, I went to visit the beautiful boss of an ecological park. My friend told me that she was also doing what I wanted to do. Maybe there would be some interactions. So I made an appointment with the beautiful boss in advance. The boss was very beautiful, cheerful personality, busy work, first went to her garden to visit.


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Image from Jianshu App


In the evening, the beautiful owner treated me to a home-raised black pork banquet, which was indeed very delicious and very different from ordinary pork


Very fragrant was married, had a husband and children, had a good career, and I thought that a girl like that should know what she wanted and what she wanted to do, and I told her that she must support her family's consent in this matter, very fragrant says his family is supportive.

Large vats in the countryside, filled with wine, probably many people have not seen

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One Xi Xi left, one feifei came, which made me very happy. Very fragrant and I started at once. She was more worried than I was and said she wanted to book a flight right away.

I told her that this matter is not urgent, it is also very important to choose a place, although the scenery is good, but there are more rainy days, Chongqing is rainy, and when I arrived here for a month, 20 days were drizzle, which made me feel uncomfortable, I don't like rain, I like autumn high and cool, blue sky and white clouds, wind and sunshine, will make people feel particularly good


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Image from Jianshu App

In the evening, very fragrant told me suddenly that I might not be able to make it, which was a blow to me. Why was it so hard to find a like-minded partner?

No wonder many people do things alone, in addition to trust issues, like-mindedness is difficult to achieve

Very fragrant said her husband was unsupportive and threatened to lose her family if she gave it up to come here.

Very fragrant had given it a lot of thought, and I couldn't bring myself to force anyone to understand very fragrant's decision.

I thought about it for a long time at night, and I realized that recruiting online is a very unreliable thing, that we're all strangers, that there's no basis for trust, especially with women, or family ties, they would either prefer to stay at home and raise their children, even if someone was willing to come, or they would be in a bad mood, or they would be heartbroken, but they just wanted to escape from reality for a while

After figuring this out, I no longer have the idea of recruiting people to start a business in seclusion, after all, seclusion is just a good wish of many people, and it is often contrary to reality.

Maybe starting from entrepreneurship, but better, many people have entrepreneurial thinking, I like the countryside, like the landscape, this fact is also to put the place of entrepreneurship between the landscape ...

I started posting on the start-up bar and forum to find people willing to go to the countryside with me, but the results were still disappointing, but many people sent me some start-up ideas and projects, let me absorb a lot of new knowledge.

Some recommend me to join catering, some recommend Baidu panoramic shooting, some recommend doing pension projects, and some recommend doing ecological planting and elderly care integration, but some projects are too difficult to analyze.

For example, to do the old-age ecology, the need for a lot of investment, agriculture, this industry is a consistent process, it is easy to break the situation of funds.

There are doing this piece of agriculture around, the most basic is one-to-one investment, that is, 200 mu of land to do well, at least two million investment.

A friend did 20 acres of land in Beijing, and the entire investment also cost 2 million, and he is currently in a loss-making state, he mainly does offline marketing, which is very expensive.I helped him run through several meetings, and cartloads of fruits and vegetables were brought over, and invited guests to eat again and again, which cost a lot of money.

The boss nodded and bowed, and the last photo can only be taken in the most inconspicuous position, it is really not easy for agricultural people.

So I don't plan to follow this model to do agriculture-related things, I hope to take a path of light investment and heavy operation.

And the center of gravity of operation also don't put in line excessively, must combine current newest mode to build flow

Send a few pictures of the mountain scenery to wash your eyes

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When we were at the Beauty Boss Ecological Park, we talked about the current black pig and felt that it was quite good. At present, we have some ideas to help her make an online operation team. She is also very lacking in this area at present, beautiful boss of the bottom price cost of what to give me a chat, so I germinated the idea of doing black pig business.

Along the way, from seclusion to ecological agriculture, to making a special product, free-range black pigs, I have experienced a lot of psychological journeys.But the theme is always around the countryside, around the mountains, and it is not off topic.

I began to design some operating models for black pigs, and told some girlfriends and friends about my plans, because after experiencing online recruitment, I finally felt that real acquaintances might be more reliable.

As a result, my girlfriend's interest was not high, indicating that she was not optimistic and felt that it was better to go to work honestly, and another girlfriend said that she wanted to take her children and did not have time to do this.

Girlfriends are not optimistic about my ideas, and there is a little ridicule, you a woman ran to the mountains to raise pigs, eat too much to support, rural life is not so easy to stay.

Helpless, because really can not find people, this thing I can only give up first, someone asked why I do not own a person to do? I want to say, a person really can not do, now work, need to team, need to really do things.

Because there was no team, after returning to Beijing, I began to think about the catering industry, and at that time, some netizens recommended joining fast food such as sauerkraut fish, and understood the way to join, and in the case of a person, I felt that it could be implemented.

Because catering is also a faster way to recover costs, but there is a limitation, in addition to the consideration of location, that is, your store area and the speed of dining determine your amount, if the customer occupies an hour in your store to eat, then this location can not receive other people at the same time, and the catering sales time is relatively fixed, that is, the point of eating.

So I considered, do exquisite fast food situation, 5 minutes can eat 4, the budget under the investment ratio and return ratio, but also in their own acceptable range.

So I began to investigate the location of the store and related issues, rural entrepreneurship thing I temporarily put on hold.

One day a couple of friends to play at home, after dinner nothing to chat, friends to me recommended some products, invited me to do Wechat business, I am not interested, on the way to share my idea of the black pig home project.

After they listened, they expressed great interest, because my friend worked in the government department, so he asked his daughter-in-law to do this with me


People, because the text of the join, let me to the cause of the black pig re-ignited the fighting spirit, catering project is also inconclusive.

The following picture is text, after 80 beautiful baby mother

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But I think to do this, just me and Wen Wen is not enough, I think of a colleague in a company before, in addition to colleagues, we have a good personal relationship, she is called beautiful, I call her beautiful sister.

Beautiful sister has a cheerful personality, strong management skills, strong communication skills, strong social skills, she has many friends, and her daily life is either visiting friends or on the way to visit friends.

Beautiful sister also has a super legendary life, the whole life is romantic and ups and downs, and I dare not shoot it like this in TV series.I can't say more about her deeds.

The picture below is a beautiful sister

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I called Sister Mei to talk about this, Sister Mei replied to my home, after Sister Mei met with me and Wen Wen, I talked about the preliminary pattern, and the three people hit it off and decided to start working immediately.

Now to introduce me, my name is Coco, post-80s, is a more thoughtful woman, before doing sales was the company's sales champion, worked as a lecturer, but also became the company's highest rated lecturer, but also did new media operations, self-media operations.


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In this way, the three of US began our pig business.

Our first choice was Jiyuan, Jiyuan, because this was Wen Wen's in-laws' home. Wen said there were many free-range black pig farmers in Wangwu mountain. Wen Wen's father-in-law was very well-connected in the local area. As the saying goes, “It's good to have a big tree behind you for shade.”.


Beautiful and I started a trip to Jiyuan because it was inconvenient for Wenwen to take the baby with her.

On the day we arrived at Wangwu Mountain, the weather was particularly good, and the green green along the way made us feel refreshed and sent a beautiful picture for everyone to appreciate.


The pig farm we visited was near the scenic area of Mount Wangwu. It was fifty kilometers from Jiyuan, from the big city to the mountains, and we were very excited to see the green in our eyes for a long time.


Wen Wen said that we are very welcome to go to the countryside to work as black pigs. He thinks that if we do a good job, we can help the local farmers and bring the local farmers along. It is a good thing for the people. He said that he will fully cooperate with us.

Father-in-law Wen has a preliminary communication with the pig farm, we also understand some general ideas, this is to do further understanding

Image from Jianshu App

Image from Jianshu App


When we arrived at the farm, a big wolf dog at the door scared us into taking pictures.I went inside and took some pictures of the chickens.

These chickens are all free-range, even boiled eggs are very delicious, the boss took some eggs to cook for us to eat, really delicious, free-range chickens is different, we eat four or five at a time.

Listen to the boss said, at present these native eggs are sold to many places, to provide members to order, at present the development is good.

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Image from Jianshu App

Eat eggs continue to set off, soon to the pig farm, uncle said off the road in the past, but also to see the scenery

This is the place where the black pigs are raised in the wild. A few rural houses in the mountains have artistic conception. From here, you can go up the mountain to the pig farm for several hundred meters

The picture is from the book App

The picture is from the book App

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