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The years urge people to get old

2023-02-28 03:46:59

Last week and a friend to climb the mountain, the mountain is not high, the highest peak elevation is only 1700 meters, but a day down, the whole person is weak, this is not a week, walk still limp.

Last week I went to climb the mountain with a friend, the mountain is not high, the highest peak is only 1700 meters above sea level, but at the end of the day, the whole person is paralyzed, this is not a week, walking is still limping.Looking at myself in the mirror again, I can't help but sigh, it's really the years that urge people to get old! The years not only took away our face, but also took away our physical strength, but left this bloated body and a trace of wrinkles at the corners of our eyes.

I remember more than 20 years ago, just graduated from college, I took the train alone to work in a foreign land. The trains were green at eighty km per hour and were slow and stopped on the way to the station. high-speed trains now take just 2 hours and 10 minutes, which took more than 15 hours at the time. And only the starting station has a seat, the other stations are all station tickets. I was carrying two suitcases, one for my clothes, the other for my uncle's local products. I got on the train along with the crowd and stood on the train for more than 15 hours before arriving at the station. When I arrived, I was already knocked out by the train, after getting off the bus for a long time, I felt I was still going up and down. Can Go to my uncle's house to sleep one night, the next morning up nothing, fatigue will all disappear. Say Ten years ago, the child more than three years old, our family of three to climb, not for a while, the child is not willing to go, my husband and I had to take turns carrying her up the mountain, down the mountain, go home the next day to work as usual.

Time makes one old, life is like a passer-by. Suddenly feeling a little nervous, not ready to have entered middle age. I used to think middle-aged is very far away, but it has unknowingly come. Experienced the ups and downs of the years, experienced the life and death of the world, years of wear away our young frivolous, but bear our responsibility and responsibility. We should cherish time, cherish life, cherish everything around us. Like a classic old song“Half pot of gauze,” singing as“The years rush old, romantic flowers and birds laugh dust.” Put down all the displeasure in our hearts, let us no longer have regrets for the rest of Our Lives!

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