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Chapter 104 Life is good without sunshine

2023-02-28 03:46:54

”“I don't want anyone else to know about the visit of the seven devils of the stone.

"Mo Tian, Mo Tian, Mo ... Heavens..."


"Why did you sleep so deeply, I called you for a long time.”


“Get Up, drink the medicine. This medicine, but I boil three hours.”

“Then you'll be up all night again.”

“How do you know?”

Carrying the Medicine Bowl, Xiao Tianmo some trance.

Shiqi, known as the stone. In order to their own disease, day and night for himself to boil medicine.

yes, that was five years ago.

The bowl was shattered, and looking at the sword inserted in his heart, Xiao Tianmo had a feeling that it should have been so.

“Why did you lie to me, Stranger?”

"I'm sorry..."

The Thousand Wolf Order fell to the ground.

Xiao Tianmo calmly looked at the person who accompanied him for almost a year: stone, my illness is fake, my name is fake, but my heart is not fake.

For You, I can not a thousand wolves order, just... . ... I don't think I'll get a chance to tell you.

Open your eyes, looking at the familiar bed curtain, Xiao Tianmo sighed.

Five years ago scene, has been too long no dream.

At first sight, you called the stone; I, called the Strange Day. Is not, in the beginning, doomed to this is a fraud, will not last.

“Your Highness, you are awake.”

“Uh-huh.” Get Up, look at the gloomy outside the day, I am afraid it is going to rain.

“My Lord, the King of war came half an hour ago. When he saw you sleeping, he left a letter for you.”



First Northern Yan, now South Chu. Xiao Tianmo laughed. No matter who played such a big game, it would be blamed on the new crown prince, Xiao Tianyi. According to the Emperor's suspicious character, this prince, recently I am afraid is not too good.

On the other side, King Yan and Yan Hong left the Demon Heaven Sect smoothly, but Shi Qi was unfortunately arrested.

"Master?" Saving people, not to mention the delay in time, will also lead to unnecessary trouble.

You Sure?


“Old Friends?” Gnashing teeth, the so-called old friends will use 'catch' .

“Go and meet Luo Ying first, and go to Yanbei as planned. When you get there, do as he says.”

Luo Ying is the brother of the Yan King. This trip to the north of Yan, he was worried that there would be accidents, so early notice to him, let him come to help.


"Everything, the king knows in his heart."Using the word Benwang to call himself is to tell Yan Hong that his decision is unquestionable.


Yanhong and Prince of Yan separated, one rushed to Yanbei, the other returned to the evil sky cult.

And in the hall of the Demon Heaven Sect, all the sect members were waiting for the sect leader to deal with this trespasser, Shi Qi.

“My lovely brother, long time no see.”


Everyone talked about this title of the sect leader, especially the person who personally tied Shi Qi, worried that he would be punished by the sect leader.

“Long time no see, second elder brother.” To the present person, stone seven accidents, but also feel this should be so.

Shi Hanshui, stepfather's second son, aged thirty-three, was driven out of the thousand wolves pavilion by his eldest brother, Shi Luofan, twelve years ago. Since then, the whereabouts of unknown, but did not want to set up the Devil Tianjiao, do everyone fear the devil.

Shi Qi sat on the ground with his knees crossed. He used spiritual fire to break the rope that tied him up and rubbed his wrist, which was uncomfortable from being strangled. Then, he looked at his second brother with a smile that was not a smile.

In appearance, the Shi brothers are outstanding. However, Shi Luofan was cold and beautiful, which was the demeanor of an emperor. Shi Miaomiao was charming. If she was a woman, she would definitely be a disaster. On the other hand, Shi Hanshui had a chilling evil and vicious aura.

However, after twelve years, Shi Hanshui's appearance has hardly changed.This is also the reason why Shi Qi can recognize him at first glance, but himself... Twelve years ago, I was only ten years old and I was still a child, and my appearance did not change a little.So he said: "Shi Feifei's portrait was really sent to the Thousand Wolf Pavilion by the second brother?" ”

“I just like how smart you are.” That's an admission.

If that portrait was sent to the Thousand Wolf Pavilion by Shi Hanshui, it was nothing more than to lead himself to the capital.So what's next... It seems that you don't need to guess to know that it is related to him.

"What about Yangyang?"

"Isn't that kid all right? How to say, I am also his second uncle, and I will not hurt him.”

Shi Hanshui did not deny what he did.

Based on his knowledge of the Thousand Wolves Pavilion, it was a piece of cake to design himself and Ching Shih.

"Needless to say, King Yan and I will borrow the Dao Demon Heavenly Sect this time, and it is also within the plan of the second brother.”

If everything was a conspiracy, Shi Qi suddenly felt that life was good without sunshine.

"It's good to calculate that you can say, as for King Yan, the second brother is not that bold.”

Therefore, being able to catch Shi Qi in the Demon Heaven Sect this time was a bit of a surprise for Shi Hanshui.However, it doesn't matter, people will have to be arrested sooner or later.

“What does he want? Or what does he want me to do?”


"Seven stars turn their lives."


Accidental, not very unexpected.

The seven-star turn and the seven-star astrology are forbidden, but the day to change life. The difference is that compared with the former, the horoscope is a child's play. And that year, also because of seven stars, stone cold water was driven out of the Wolf Pavilion.

"Second brother should remember that the eldest brother of the pavilion master destroyed that book in front of all of us.Now, there is no record of it in the world.”

The second brother naturally remembered. Moreover, the second brother still remembers that you have had an excellent memory since you were a child, and the books in the Thousand Wolf Pavilion have long been read by heart.”

That book, Shi Qi did look at it.However, it was not known what it did at that time.

“It's been too long. Xiaoqi can't remember.”


"It's okay, you'll remember.After all, how can you, who can reverse the seven-star divination, really forget the record of the seven-star life.Shi Hanshui was not in a hurry, and then waved his hand to call his cronies: "Take the seventh young man down to rest."”

Stand up, Shiqi to Shihanshui bow before leaving. It is not like being controlled by people at all, but rather like a visitor to the demonic heavenly church.

“Master, does he really know about the seven stars?”

"Are you curious?"


But looking at Shi Hanshui's cold gaze and expressionless face, he didn't dare to say.

"Subordinates don't dare."

“I don't want anyone else to know about the visit of the seven devils of the stone.”

Although Shi Hanshui did not avoid these members of his sect in the conversation just now, his words made them understand that out of this door, everything that just happened must be forgotten.