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The hospital charges 300, the doctor charges 200, do I pay to the hospital? Or a doctor?

2023-02-28 03:46:49

My friend suffered from enteritis, and after a course of treatment, he went to the hospital for colonoscopy.


When I went out with a friend the day before yesterday, he told me something very interesting.

My friend had enteritis, and after a course of treatment, he went to the hospital for colonoscopy.

After lining up to get the number, I saw the previous attending doctor again.But unlike last time, in addition to friends, there was another enteritis patient present.

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Apparently also to do a colonoscopy, the man drank a bunch of potions, sit and wait for diarrhea. Routine is that the attending doctor in the diagnosis of the disease, the need to prescribe for the patient to pay first, and then to do a colonoscopy.

But the patient had no intention of paying, and simply handed over 200 yuan to the doctor in charge. The attending doctor did not refuse and took the money and stuffed it directly into his pocket. The hospital charges 300 for the colonoscopy, but if you give it to me directly, I'll only charge you 200

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Although it was said to the patient, the friend also understood the hidden meaning.Although it was also entangled, in the end, my friend chose to pay only 200 yuan and not 300 yuan.

Although it is 100 pieces worse, the colonoscopy is still done smoothly, and the "service" of the 300 pieces is no different, or even better.

This may just be commonplace, something that happens often.The gap of 100 pieces is not very big to say big, and it is definitely not small to say small.

Pay 100 yuan more, you can get peace of mind, and you are a good citizen who adheres to good quality.Paying 100 yuan less can make you eat two more good meals, secretly laughing at a hospital with high fees, but of course you will also feel faintly uneasy.

What would you do?