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Live, and live beautifully/Cold better, diet recovery, stay away from electronics / 23

2023-02-28 03:46:39

Reading together to play together to chat with cards, really good.

Cherish every comfortable day.

Today, when the body is comfortable, I will get up and be picky.Drink a large bowl of porridge in the morning, although it is not nutritious, but it is really comfortable.

Lunch and dinner reluctantly eat some, Grandma's cooking is really dark cuisine, it seems that tomorrow, I will be on my own.

After this chemotherapy plus a cold, and lost two catties, really want to start a good meal, otherwise how to hold back the treatment.

Today the body is comfortable point, I tidied up two room's sanitation, the body tired point does not matter, in the mind is uncomfortable is the most deadly.

After a day with my son, with my son by my side, the days were much more interesting.It's nice to read books, play cards together, and chat together.It's that my son is now very afraid that I will be angry, and he will be very frightened when I am angry all my life, and it will be very distressing to think about it in hindsight.

From tomorrow, don't play with phones, iPads, and stay away from electronics.