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After a cold, doing these 4 things well in your diet can speed up recovery

2023-02-28 03:46:04

Some people who are not used to drinking boiled water can also add honey, or drink self-made juice is also a good choice 4: egg and fish supplement protein cold will make people weak.

Colds are one of the common diseases in life, but there are many causes of colds, including "genetic factors", "living habits" and "environmental factors" The following three reasons.

Genetic factors: the cause of frequent colds is mainly due to the shorter telomeres of white blood cells in this population.

Lifestyle: is an important factor leading to frequent colds, such as long-term lack of sleep, excessive stress, unhealthy diet, will lead to decreased immunity, which leads to frequent colds.

Environmental Factors: human immunity plays a crucial role, about 58% of people are almost entirely affected by environmental factors. The older the population, the more obvious the gap between the immune systems.

People who catch frequent colds tend to show poor immune function and are at higher risk of severe illness.In addition, the cold virus can only mobilize immune cells to fight the virus, but does not increase the activity of the immune system.People who don't catch a cold for a long time not only have poor immunity, today I'll tell you what is better for you to eat when you have a cold?

Four tips to help you recover quickly

Colds are a common problem in life.After a cold, doing these four things well in your diet can significantly speed up recovery

1: Loss of appetite, increase meals appropriately

A person's appetite deteriorates in cold conditions. If they can't eat too much food for three meals, they can add food in between meals. For example, increase your intake of some fruit or snacks at 10 a. m. and 3 P. M. to make sure your body has enough nutrients.

2: eat less fiber

Colds slow down the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract. At this stage is not recommended to eat a lot of crude fiber foods, including chives and celery, which can avoid indigestion.

3: Drink Warm Water, drink more water

People with colds have varying degrees of fever and sweating. Hydration is especially important. Don't wait until you are thirsty to drink. You should make an active habit of drinking water. Some people who are not used to drinking boiled water can also add honey, or drink self-made juice is a good choice

4: eggs and fish for protein