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Qatar's experience Chinese football should be learned

2023-02-28 03:45:59

Qatari football relies on naturalized players and youth training.

In the AFC Asian Cup, the Qataris won the title for the first time. People who may not care about football do not necessarily know this country, a small Arab country in the Middle East with a population of about 2.69 million in 2018.

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Although the country is small, the population is small, but the football level is not weak. Just like South 's Uruguay, the World Cup finalists are in a row, even though there are only 3 million people.


Hiring high-level foreign coaches has proved ineffective. It is imperative to naturalize foreign high-level players. Not to mention the rich Arab, is the side of Japan, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and even Hong Kong, China, there are naturalized players. And not only football, but also basketball.

Guoan came with news yesterday that there are two naturalized players in the team, one is still very young, and the other is also in the year of playing, which is very good.The stagnant water of Chinese football needs something fresh to break the game, and naturalized players need to bring life.At the same time, our youth training should continue to invest, increase investment, do not look at the immediate gains and losses, but establish the overall system and improve the training level.

Chinese football will have its day.