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Low Point in life, these four abilities let you one step ahead, perfect counterattack

2023-02-28 03:45:54

Withdraw from the collapsed emotions in time and learn to reconcile with bad emotions, only in this way can you think quietly and do things calmly 02 The ability to continue learning: not worried about being abandoned by the times Ye Shengtao said: People who insist on learning all their lives are people who have been self-improvement all their lives.

In the long years, always encounter a variety of things, there are good and bad; there are successes, there are failures; there are smooth sailing, there are thorns.

When one hits rock bottom, it's just one of life's many trials. Can safely out of the trough period, entirely in their own!

How a person can have height, not in the age, all in the mentality. Those who are able to bounce back from their lows have the following abilities.

01 ability to manage emotions: Don't freak out

People at a low point, even a little thing in life, it will make you feel particularly anxious, heart tired.

House prices that have been high, fuel costs that have risen every year, and wages that have never risen; Parents who are getting older, children who have not yet grown up, themselves who are entering middle age... The pressure of reality has driven a middle-aged man to the brink of collapse little by little!

In fact, the destructive power of bad emotions is very powerful.Once the emotions are on the head, it is easy to be controlled by emotions, and most of the decisions made under impulses are wrong.

Want to get out of the trough, not by the support of the noble, not the ability to break out, is their stable and sustained state of mind.

Stop and take a deep breath for 20 seconds. Try to do something else, like run, play ball, read a book, distract yourself

A psychologist said: deal with the emotions in advance, then deal with things, this is the perfect solution! In time from the collapse of the emotions, learn to reconcile with bad emotions, only in this way can calm thinking, calm work

02 the ability to continue to learn: do not worry about being abandoned by the times

Ye Shengtao said: People who insist on their own learning all their lives are people who have been self-improvement all their lives.

Only insist on learning, will not be abandoned by the times.

In this era of knowledge explosion and rapid iterative upgrading, the first to be eliminated are always three types of people: people who like to lie flat, people who internal friction, people who do not like learning.

Only lifelong learning can maintain its core competitiveness.

Learning, you can get more information about the times; Learning, can quickly learn from the successful experience of others, shorten the time for their own success; Learning can quickly open up your cognition and broaden your thinking!

The trough is not terrible. What determines the height of your life is your lifelong learning ability!

03 anti-fragile capacity: can take on the burden

The ancients: the wind knows the grass, and the board knows the loyalty! Whether a person can carry things often depends on his performance at the most difficult and low times!

A responsible person, whether in the family, work, never evade, they will take this as their own opportunity, try their best to deal with the problem.

The person who recoils in case of trouble, the discerning person can see at a glance is the person who has no responsibility, the timid is afraid of the matter is unwilling to bear, the opportunity will never appear in front of him!

Writer Yu Hua said: Among the young generation in China, there are many excellent people, but very few people can carry things.

Being able to carry things can not only exercise your ability, but also cultivate a strong heart.In the face of difficulties, you can remain calm, discuss things on a case-by-case basis, do not deny yourself for the criticism of others, and do not give up your efforts because of a setback.

Like a small grass in the cracks, no matter what kind of weather it encounters, it grows tenaciously upward.Walk steadily towards the goal in your heart!

04 good at reflection: the inner circle outside the flexibility

Zhihu has a high praise answer: if everyone can do day-to-day reflection recovery, the world can have higher achievements by more than half of the people.

No one can change you but yourself.

When something happens, first learn to find the reason from yourself, only by changing yourself can you face all things! Since you can't change the environment and others, start by changing yourself.

Dare to change, good at change, you can harvest different yourself.

You can never make money outside of your cognitive abilities, that's true. The wall, when torn down, is the door; When the heart is open, there is a way.

In the face of life's suffering, do not blame God, not discouraged. From the heart to accept, to bear, to think with the brain, to find the latest opportunities.