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Abdominal protrusion is not necessarily obesity may also be caused by the pelvis forward tilt, one set of movements to correct the pelvis forward tilt

2023-02-28 03:45:34

       When doing this movement, you must pay attention to the fact that after the spine is pushed up one by one, the knees should not be separated, and the distance between the feet, knees and hips should always be maintained.

Pelvic anteversion is a pathological phenomenon of pelvic displacement. Pelvic long-term forward, not only will cause body walk, but also increase the burden of the lower back and neck, shoulder and neck pain, low back pain and other symptoms, and even affect the health of other skeletal muscles.

So how do you detect if you have a forward pelvic tilt? In fact, it is very simple, only need to stand upright against the wall, so that the heels, hips, back, head against the wall, with the hand try to pass through the gap formed by the waist and the wall, if only allow the palm to open parallel through, it is normal; If a fist can be clenched to pass, the pelvic is tilted anteriorly; If it can be well attached to the wall without gaps, it is a retrograde pelvic tilt.

To correct the anterior tilt of the pelvis, in addition to correcting poor posture, paying attention to diet and rest, it is also necessary to strengthen the functional exercise of the abdomen, anterior pelvic muscles and lumbar back muscles.Today, I bring you asanas that can effectively prevent and treat pelvic anterior tilt, but any kind of exercise requires long-term persistence to be effective.


Sit at a right angle, put your hands together behind your head, bend your knees, shift your weight to your ischial bones, tighten your abdomen, straighten your chest, (inhale) raise your legs up, lean your upper body back, hook your toes back, kick your heels out, flatten your arms, relax your shoulders, and breathe smoothly....... (Inhale) Hold your upper body upright, bend your knees, step on the ground with your feet, wrap your hands around the front of your calves, and adjust your breathing to relax.Can be practiced repeatedly.


Lie on your back and bend your knees, swing your feet hip-width away and try to find your hips, put your arms naturally on your sides, (inhale) your feet hard, your thigh muscles, raise your hips, push your spine up section by section, keep breathing smoothly... It can be maintained on this action for a while... (Exhale) Slowly drop the spine back to the ground one by one, adjust your breathing to relax, and (inhale) practice again.It is recommended to do 10-15 sets per day.

Do this action must pay attention to, the spine is a section after a push, the knees do not apart, to always maintain both feet, knees and hips the same width of the distance.

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