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Spending in advance is not allowed

2023-02-28 03:45:29


Just read an article, the author said that the focus of his current life is to pay off debts, good guys, borrowed at least six or seven platforms, it is said that at the beginning he was afraid of overdue, demolished the east wall to make up for the western wall, and then borrowed more and more, and now it is two overdue! Although the author has already found a part-time job to try to pay off the debt, I think it is still unknown when it will be repaid.It's scary to think about the consequences.This is all the fault of early consumption!

Now the whole social atmosphere is advocating consumption, the poor can not afford to consume, then loan consumption! Loan consumption is actually spending in advance.Various loan apps on mobile phones are convenient to use! The loan platforms repeatedly advertise that the loan is convenient, no handling fee, and the loan interest is low, but no one reminds everyone that the loan even has to be repaid with interest! So those who like to consume and suffer from lack of money have entered the pit, and often borrow this and that, mostly young people, because they do not know the hardships of life and the complexity of human nature!

Now I think the education that young people lack most is financial quotient education. When a person does not have the ability to control their own money, the lack of respect for money, and easy to be tempted by the material world, his future may become worse. To live a stable life, we must learn financial knowledge, take care of their own money, financial management is actually the management of life.

In my opinion, everyone doesn't have to know how to invest to make money, but they must know how to live within their means.