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Tao Te Ching, chapter 15, subtle mystery

2023-02-28 03:45:04

Henan is like a river in winter, it is afraid of its neighbors, it is like a guest, it is like a cloud, it is like a valley, it is like a valley, it is like a cloud, it is like a sea, it is like a river, it is like a river, it is like a river, it is like a river, it is like a lake, it is like a lake, it is like a lake, it is like a river, it is like a river, it is like a river, it is like a river, it is like a river, it It seems to go on and on.

Tao Te Ching Chapter 15 Subtle Mystery

The good of the ancient warriors are subtle and mysterious, and they are unknowable.The husband is not known, so he is forgiving; Yuxi Ruodong Shibuchuan; Fearful of neighbors; It's like a guest; Lingshi of the Ruolin clan; Dunxi is simple; Vast; Muddy; Fierce as the sea; The rush is endless.Who can be turbid and quiet? Who can live in peace? Those who keep this way do not want to gain.If the husband is not profitable, he can be concealed and renewed.

In ancient times, those who were good at“The way” had subtle and profound insights that were beyond the reach of the average person, precisely because they were hidden and could not be understood, so it is best to describe it with the following parable: he is cautious, as if he were wading barefoot across a river in winter, he is alert, as if he were surrounded by a strong neighbor, you have to be on your guard all the time. He was Prim and serious, like a visitor; he melded amiable, like melting ice; he was rich and simple, like uncut logs; he was broad and open, like an empty valley; he was a man of the world He is as thick and tolerant as a muddy river,

Who can be still in turmoil, and slowly become clear in silence? Who can change in the stability, so that it slowly reveals the vitality? Those who keep the principles of the above-mentioned Tao will not be complacent. Because he was never complacent, he was able to go old and new.

Lao Tzu said, those who know the "Tao".Because they have mastered the universal laws of the development of things, know how to use these universal laws to deal with reality, and guide practice, most of these righteous people have good personality cultivation and psychological quality, and can act correctly.

So you see him on the surface is quiet, but in essence, everyone has great potential, they are very creative, but do not show emotions, do not want to show. So they are subtle and unfathomable.

Therefore, we call it the spiritual realm of the TAO teachers, is far beyond the level of understanding of the average person.

In ancient China, officials were usually called scholars. In ancient China, the hereditary aristocracy and the common people, as the cornerstone of the society, constituted a fixed overall framework. Laozi summed up the characteristics of people who deeply understand“TAO” in nine points:

Yu Xi is like wading across a river in winter. Every step of the enlightened man is as cautious as crossing a river barefoot in winter. Think about how dangerous and difficult it is to cross the river barefoot along the ice in winter. So the man of the word here, he says, is a man who will show caution in any situation, as if you were wading barefoot in the winter.

The second is to be afraid of your neighbors.This means that the righteous person, as if fearing his neighbor, is strict with himself in his daily life.The process of dealing with contradictions can best reflect a person's morality and philosophy, so the evaluation of his neighbors is very important, and it can also reflect the person's moral level.

The third is to be a guest; This means that no matter what the occasion or what the situation, the righteous person will put himself in the position of the guest, be cautious, and treat others seriously, and not casually treat the problems of daily life.

The fourth is Huan XI if Lin Ling release. It refers to the person who can recover from the burden of his own desires, dreams, ambitions, pursuits, knowledge and so on. Can have relaxed and joyful, leisurely and self-satisfied. Like a frozen winter, spring came, slowly melting, it is natural.

The fifth is that it is so simple. It means that the person who has attained the TAO is able to easily resist outside interference and temptation with his dignified and substantial nature.

The sixth is unrivalled valley. The metaphor is that the mind of the recipient is very broad, as empty as the valley of Goldman Sachs.

The seventh is the soul if muddy, refers to the person who is awake. He can make the world of the heart pure and dirty one.

The eighth is a righteous person, with a weak state of mind, as grand as Jiang Hai.


In Chinese society in the forty's, there was a famous saying, “My friend Hu Shih”, which went from President to chairman, hu Shih's friends were in the private kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the.

During those turbulent years, Hu Shih offered selfless help to a number of friends and students. “I am half parent, half friend,” he said.

When Lin Yutang was studying in the United States, Hu Shizhi once helped him $2,000.

Famous Taiwanese writer Li Ao. He wanted to curse all the famous people in the world, but he had respect for Hu Shih. Because when he was down and out, Hu Shih still supported him as a nobody with 1,000 yuan.

In 357 BC, Duke Huan of Qi died, and the first eldest son, Tian Yingqi, succeeded to the throne and was the historical King of Qiwei.


Three years later, in the winter, King Wei suddenly called his ministers together, and with unprecedented majesty and Thunderball, he ordered the execution of some of his ministers on the spot. From then on, all his ministers were under strict control and did their own thing, and Qi became the great power of the east.

It turned out that King Qi Wei gave up dealing with the imperial government, and waited to see the reaction of the courtiers, and in three years, he discovered the loyal traitor, which was the later Buming, a blockbuster!