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Should newbie anchor Lin Bai join a Union? How does that help?

2023-02-28 03:44:49

2. Ability training newbies were usually inexperienced, and they might not have many skills and experience in live streaming. Guilds would provide live streaming training guidance to improve their skills, make its live broadcast ability to become strong, and gradually become a mature anchor.

Live streaming was now a very hot industry. Many newbies, Lin Bai, wanted to be hosts because of their glamorous appearance and the income of the hosts. Many people were envious of them. If you want to be an anchor, you have to talk about guilds. So today we're going to talk about whether newbie Lin Bai should join the guilds. How does that help?

The current live broadcast industry is not like the previous live broadcast, and in the past, you can also become a mature big anchor with your own efforts.And as the live broadcast industry becomes more mature, live broadcast has become more and more formalized, it is difficult for a person to grow up alone, so does it help after joining?

1. Increase the share ratio

In general, the share of personal hosts on the platform was relatively small. For example, Douyin hosts could only get 50% . After joining the guild, the profit could be greater than 50% . The company would reward and subsidize the hosts who completed the mission. The more outstanding the hosts, the better, the more lucrative the gains, of course, the specific ability of the host and the Union policy.

2. Ability Training

Newcomer anchors are basically inexperienced people, may not have much skills and experience for live broadcasting, the guild will generally provide live broadcast training guidance, improve the live broadcast skills, make their live broadcast ability stronger, and gradually become a mature anchor.

3. Get referral bits

Generally, guilds cooperate with the platform, so the platform will give the guild certain resources and traffic, and the guild can help the live broadcast to get recommendations in various forms, such as guiding the anchor to warm up the live broadcast, using popularity cards, signing up for platform activities, etc., so that the anchor can get more display.

4. Network resources

There will be many anchors under the guild, these anchors are resources, large anchors can bring small anchors, and anchors and anchors can also communicate with each other, and can quickly improve in traffic drive and experience.

5. Live studio management

In the live broadcast process will definitely encounter some troublemakers, we commonly call this kind of people "bar essence / troll", in the live broadcast room evil words, this kind of words will seriously affect the quality of the anchor's live broadcast, so the existence of the administrator is very necessary, to help the anchor block the ban, is also one of the factors for the smooth success of a live broadcast.

6. Complaints of non-compliance

Many novice hosts may violate the rules, resulting in the account ban, then you can appeal through the guild, to help the account to restore normal state.

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