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Can you write the article a little more "badly"?

2023-02-28 03:44:29

I am a casual person, and the style of doing things is obvious.

I am a casual person, and the style of doing things is obvious.

Do a lot of things by feeling good, or if a casual act inspires good feelings/inspiration, act immediately to do it.

The synonyms of“Casual” are freedom, ease and ease, while the antonyms are rules, systems and constraints.


I stopped writing in the middle of writing the article yesterday, which made me think deeply again.

Why Can't I write? You even write half of it, and then you just give up, give up?


Reason 1: I forgot the "original intention" of writing.

Originally, I wrote to record, analyze and solve problems, train my brain, integrate knowledge, etc. . Generally speaking, writing is regarded as a tool for growth, or writing itself is also a way of practice.

And now because I have to write every day, I forget my original intention, and just follow the form.

Now the writing wants to write well, hopes to publish the book, becomes the writer, this has deviated from the original intention obviously.

The most important thing is that if the ability does not match the ambition, it will be painful, it will lose motivation, it will stop moving forward.


Reason 2: Too much pursuit of perfection.

All said: “Not perfect, just perfect”, also said to learn to“Accept their own imperfection”, can be done when it is forgotten.

In an interview with A Date With Luyu, Sa Beining asked, “What is the one thing you regret most right now?”

Sa Beining replied, “Not a perfect show.”

Kazuo Inamori, the saint of management, said in the "Ganfa": "We must strive for perfection in doing things."

He said that if people only pursue the best in doing things, the best is only relative, it is compared with people, not necessarily really good.And only the true pursuit of absolute perfection is truly good, and it is a spirit of excellence.

Are the above two views contradictory?

In fact, there is no contradiction, but people at different stages or different realms, the meaning of a sentence has been completely different.

Just as writing is still at the rookie level, it can not be judged at the master level.


Reason # 3: For Whom?

I have seen many famous writers talk about writing, and all of them say that they write for themselves. Of course, there are people who write for others, for their country, for humanity.

These seem like two diametrically opposed attitudes, but they are connected.

Just like being a person, one kind of people think that a good citizen is to be good at his own work, and another kind of people are committed to helping others to be good at himself, if everyone knows how to benefit others, the world will be a beautiful place.

However, there are too many people in this world who use the "banner" of benefiting others to seek their own personal interests, but this practice harms the interests of others.


Yesterday's writing showed that, I deviated from writing for myself, but in order to write a satisfactory article for others.

When this article was first written, the title was: "Can I make the article worse?"

Because I blamed the reason why yesterday's article was not finished, I was too perfect to pursue it.

I use hypothetical methods, before I write an article, imagine that what I write is a bad article, then I can write it anyway.This is to lower your expectations, but you will reap good results.


Writing this article has made me grow up.

First, you must try to accomplish something.

Second, remember why you set out, this is the driving force for moving forward.

Third, everything is changing and relative, different times, different people, the same thing means different things to them.

Fourth, write for yourself and live for yourself. Every man for himself, but this is not self-interest at the expense of others.

Without expectations, there are no disappointments.

Do things without expectation, this is probably what the sage said“Do nothing but do nothing”!

The Article I wrote today wasn't“Bad” enough because I finished it in one piece.

The Article I wrote today was not“Bad” enough, because I grew in the process.

The articles written today are not "bad" enough, because I have realized that writing is like this and life is like this, and I can continue to practice through writing.

Hope to write the article next time more“Bad” a little bit!