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Qatar is full of Chinese elements!

2023-02-28 03:43:59

Let the reporter have a kind of travel back to China, even a kind of China held a World Cup illusion in Qatar, Ha Ha...

The Quadrennial World Cup has begun! For football lovers can cheer for football again! For non-fans, I'm more concerned about the culture that grew out of the World Cup. For example, I am interested to see the reporter's report“Qatar is full of Chinese elements”.

It turns out that on the streets of Doha, like buses, even chopsticks for fast food have Chinese, and there are many shadows of Chinese sponsors on the field... Let the reporter have the illusion of traveling back to China, and even having the illusion that China hosted a World Cup in Qatar, haha...

Although it is a joke, but the reporter's eyes for really let us further enhance the self-confidence as a Chinese, a cultural self-confidence! These bits and pieces of Chinese elements are in fact proof of one thing, that China's status in the world has been increasing. Whether it is out of the country to participate in the team, or to follow the news of the event, have been out of China as a Chinese People's pride and pride!

Go World Cup, Go Great China!