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Yoga and Me

2023-02-28 03:43:54

exhale.Repeatit yourself and finish 5 breaths.Now open your eyes and put down your hands.Thankyou.What happened just now

Good Evening,Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tonight is my ice breaker.My name is Shirley,Chinese name is Duan Xiaoling,come from Hu’nanprovince.

I’m a big fan of yoga.I started to learn yoga when I was still in university. No good place, no teacher at that time, I just practiced it by watching yoga video. In 2012,When finally I could access a “real” gym, I was so amazed.I can enjoy the happiness and achievements from the progress of everyday.If I haven’t practiced it for more than 3 days I will feel so uncomfortable, it was as if somebody hadn’t a grain of rice for several days. In 2013 I took part in a yoga coach course. During that year. I was mad with it. I practiced yoga for 2 hours everynight,and every Sunday I had professional courses for almost 8 hours. I bought lots of yoga wears, followed many yoga official accounts. Any article about yoga could attract me to click it.I evenperformed yoga at the company annual meeting .Also my life changed a lot during that year. I became more energetic; my skin became tight and smooth, I’m nolonger crookback,I whole body looks shining, and my chronic disease recovered itself.Don’t you think it is amazing? yeah, it is the fact. I reached the peak of my healthy then.

Yoga is also a good teacher.It teaches me to be humble and how to deal with problems in life.Now let us do a simple Yoga asana together.Everybody,Please put your handsback with the palms towards,turn your hands to make fingers up like this,youcan put your hand on any site that you can reach most.Close your eyes andfollow my guide.Focus all your attention on your hands.Take deep breath.Eachtime when you breath in try to move your hands up,keep it when breath out.Inhale…exhale.Repeatit yourself and finish 5 breaths.Now open your eyes and put down your hands.Thankyou.What happened just now?Did you find that your hands can reach higher thanfirst?Yes.As the feeling just now,Yoga teaches me our potency is unlimited.Whenwe meet troubles, just try to do efforts little by little,then we can breakthrough ourselves and find solution.

Most importantly, yoga is a path of self-discovery and healing. During practicing,I can spot both of my physical and psychological problems.As you noticed I have the problem of chest backward.Yoga teaches me it is more a problem of my mind than my physical pain.I should open my mind,be more positive,more confident and chest up( post haha~). That’s also why I joined toastmaster,a warm place tocommunicate with others and practice my public speaking ability. I hope I canimprove myself here and become more confident.

For me,Yoga is a good friend, a good teacher and a good doctor Thanks Yoga, for bringing me here to meet all of you guys. And thanks all of you for sitting here listening to me talking about Yoga. Now are you feeling you also want to yoga? Let’s yoga together.Thank you.