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All the past is a prologue - read "All the Sands in the World"

2023-02-28 03:43:34



Read on this week for dialogue 5 of all the sand in the world. Read it in pieces, review it again, then string it together. But only to meet the joy of learning model, and not“Learning”, let alone touch the heart. The so-called reading notes are just excerpts, not yet the method of reading.

In this conversation, Jia Xingjia wants to find a "characterization" of the past situation in the ancient story.The book gives China a new characterization:

The first story of humanity

The first human story was the story of the Seven Sisters in Greek mythology:



Wu Jun, in his 60 lectures on the history of science, says that ultimately, humanity's way out of Africa is through energy, through learning to make clothes, to build houses, and to use weapons, the other is information, that is, there should be communication language.

Sheldon vs Ancient Classics

Today's people read Confucius, and when they were old, they could refer to the writer Sheldon's "Kite Return" and "No Need to Read a List".The "Don't Have to Read List" proudly lists the Analects of Not Reading, because

Dao Erden's view is that Laozi's thought can easily become a tool like a hammer, no longer used as a guide to observe the world, but instead become a reason for many people not to observe and think, confucius, however, was not fascinated by a rigorous system of thought. He did not build a house like Lao Tzu, which is what was so lovely about him. Confucius's interest was in the age itself, and his vision was to teach his disciples to be gentlemen, it can also be said to be a decent person. If we return to the scene of Confucius's survival, we can see that one of his great regrets is that he has no one around him who can match him ideologically, and that, like Hui Shi and Zhuangzi, he is intellectually alone, it is not easy to read his abstract thinking.

The Iris is a discourse on reason.

Reason is blind, it sees nothing, it does not hear, it is smellless, it is ignorant except self-care, it deals with our experience, and at the same time it despises our experience when things are not going well, human behavior is so messy, every abstract definition of man we have is never clear and smooth, but hairy, based on very incomplete observations, difficult to verify, impossible to ponder.But that's how reason works, and it must be convinced that our observations are reliable, and if not, pretend to be convinced.

The man entrusted with culture - Confucius

The carrier of culture is life, and the fate of culture must also fall on specific people.Confucius, Mencius had no actual political power, but he was a man entrusted with culture."Trusting life" is the support and sustenance in the Analects.(Analects. Tabor "can hold up six feet of loneliness, can send a hundred miles of life.""People who have entrusted their lives" refer to figures who have a pioneering, inheriting or reviving status in the history of ideas.

The "imperial school" and "non-imperial school" of pre-Qin thought

The modern scholar Wang Guowei divided pre-Qin thought into "imperial schools" and "non-imperial schools", arguing that all scholarships in the Warring States came from these two schools.The representative of the "imperial faction" is the Confucian Mo of the north, and the target is Yao Shunyu Tang, who must be called the ancient, and their ideals are enthusiastic, and the starting point is nationalization and aristocracy to restore the beautiful politics of antiquity.The representative of the "non-imperial faction" is Lao Zhuang, most of the ideas of this school are in the south, and the ideal target is not the ancient wise emperor, but the legendary high-ranking people and hermits.They usually write books from the standpoint of the people, saying that ideological traits are calm, and Zhuangzi is completely individualized compared to Laozi.

Circular Sky and scattered point perspective

The "round place" is related to order."Days" stands for history. The "circle" is the order of the operating cycle; "Land" represents society, and "Fang" is a stable and calm order.Life exists in a stable earthly order, and at the same time obeys the endless flow of destiny.

The heavens are the same as observed, why is the earth square? This is also practical wisdom, it is very convenient to see the sky with visual perspective, and it is only possible to see a small piece of the earth when looking at the earth, and it will be deformed, to observe a large area, you have to use scattered perspective, divide the ground into many squares, establish different cross coordinates, one by one, the ancient administrative divisions, it is customary to imagine the land as a large square with a small square, we are an agricultural nation, it is convenient to calculate cultivated land with squares, such as the well field system is a nine-square grid.