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Respect is built up bit by bit

2023-02-28 03:42:59

You first said one thing, others may not believe it at first, feel that you are so ambitious, feel that it is a fantasy, but through continuous efforts, you do it, at this time others will have another opinion of you, those who have looked down on you will be embarrassed, feel that with the heart of a villain to the belly of a gentleman, begin to add some respect for you in your heart, if this kind of thing continues

Today, see“The road to wealth and freedom,” one of the dining article“Say and do”, it is easier to say, do is the most important.

Respect has always been like this, it is accumulated little by little.

You Say One thing first, and others may not believe you at first. It may feel like you're aiming too high, and it may feel like you're Scheherazade, but with constant effort, you do it, and people will see you differently, those who once looked down on you will feel embarrassed, feel like a scoundrel, and start to pay you some respect in your heart, and if this keeps happening, you may earn it, don't be too hasty. On the other hand, you can only focus on whether you are growing or not. As for the opinions of others, it doesn't matter. Winning respect from others is just a side benefit. You have grown, just say it and do it.


Since it is the accumulation of“Little by little”, we need to add the dimension of time, just as we planted the seeds of an apple tree today, we can not eat the apples that it produces tomorrow, he needs to sprout and grow. He needs to grow into a big tree first. Even if you see that he has grown a tree full of apples, you have to be patient. Maybe because of the weather, you still can't eat them, keep watering and fertilizing him to provide nutrients, keep pruning some of the extra branches, you have to believe that there is always time to eat the apple.