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Experiment 5/100 [1 circle of friends per month] proves that I am still alive

2023-02-28 03:42:54

I know a lot of people say that.

I don't like to post on wechat moments, but I made a Flag: on average, I Post about 12 times a year, once a month, so that some people won't think I'm dead.

The front is too fierce and uses up the material, resulting in a bit of difficulty in the back.


The previous ones are all processed into movie mode, which means they are all precious moments in my life.

And then someone said what did you post? What did you post? I don't know how to explain it.

Each of them is my awesome experience.Then someone said, no, just play, who won't.

Then summer came, and it was so fresh.

At this time the house“Study” for many, rarely participate in activities, the cumulative number of pictures to make up for.

For the first time a theme issued 9, and began to match the word.

Every time I can handle a few hours, not very satisfied can not send out, the production is so hard.


It is simply a clear stream in Shenzhen and has caused a lot of controversy.Knowing will be said by many. Contradict.

666, finish with the beach light painting, perfect! ! !! !! !!

Come out to mix is to talk about credibility, said F * * * you, you must F * * * , so still don't casually say foul language


It took one year

The experiment was a success

Try Hard and you will fail

But it's comfortable to just give up