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2023-02-28 03:42:44

Through a series of competitions, the work ability of the head teacher has not only been trained and improved, but also made the head teacher clearly realize that the theory and method of simple class management is not enough to build a good class collective, the head teacher needs to constantly update the educational concept, learn advanced educational theory, scientific management class collective method, master modern information technology, in the new concept

The work of a class teacher is the key factor in the collective construction of a school. Class Moral Education and class collective construction and management is an extremely complex and professional work, which not only needs the“Leading” role of advanced educational concepts and the support of the class teacher's personality strength, and needs the head teacher's educational wisdom and the professional accomplishment

A teacher in charge of a class should not only have the basic qualities of a general teacher, but also some specific qualities. The improvement of such specific qualities is a continuous process.

The author believes that "the process of class teachers continuously reaching the professional level of class teachers through learning, training, practice and reflection is the professional quality of class teachers.In this sense, only by striving to improve the level of professional knowledge and professional ability, so that they can develop from an experienced class teacher to an intelligent class teacher, can they truly become an irreplaceable role in training, so as to complete the professional development of class teachers.

The importance of a teacher in charge of a class

Teaching quality is the lifeline of school survival and development, the basic unit of teaching work is the class, and the core manager of the class is the class teacher, which shows the importance of the class teacher in the lifeline of the school.

An educator said: Education is a career, and the meaning of a career lies in dedication; Education is science, and the value of science lies in seeking truth; Education is art, and the life of art lies in creation; Education is life, and the true meaning of life lies in development.

In the“Student-oriented” as the basic concept of contemporary curriculum reform in the new form of“Scientific research, education-oriented” today, as the disseminator of knowledge, ability and thought, the teacher in charge of a class also undertakes the most sacred mission of the society, which is to construct students' perfect spiritual world with practice, use wisdom to promote the life meaning and life value of students.

It is based on this point, as a head teacher to adapt to the new century change, to base on the new curriculum reform, constantly improve themselves, improve themselves. The work of a teacher in charge of a class is a very professional work, need knowledge and wisdom, need confidence and patience, but also need sincere and careful. In order to do a good job, we must work hard to improve the professional quality of the work, the work must be carried out in practice, pay attention to practical results.

How to improve the quality of class teachers

1. Strengthen the study of theory, guide class teachers to deepen their understanding of professional quality, and improve the pertinence and effectiveness of class teachers' work.

We clearly realize that the cultivation of civilized habits of students depends on teachers, and that the class teacher makes an important group of teachers, and that the improvement of the professional quality of the class teacher needs the guidance of the school's professional activities and the school's scientific, design and implement activities for specific purposes.

In order to effectively improve the theoretical level of class teachers, we take advantage of the opportunity of pre-service training for class teachers to carry out a variety of school-based training for class teachers.The school organizes class teachers to study the spirit of the document "Opinions of the Ministry of Education on Further Strengthening the Work of Class Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools", learn the work responsibilities of class teachers, learn the daily work system of class teachers, and organize class teachers to learn materials in a planned manner.

In the study class teacher theory material, the school adopts the self-study and the concentrated study unifies, and writes the study experience through the study, the perception, the practice three column forms to carry on the exchange in the teacher. The school firmly seized the opportunity of the teacher in charge of class to study the theory system, and carried out various forms of learning, so that the teacher in charge of class through the book's rich connotation and targeted research and exploration of teachers, effectively improve the professional theory level of the form teacher, help form teacher to establish professional faith, enhance the sense of responsibility, activate their thinking, improve the self-cultivation of the form teacher, played a guiding role in the subject research.

2. Be brave in practice and promote the professional development of class teachers.

The development theory of professional accomplishment and specialization of the head teacher tells us: “Study is the premise and practice is the catalyst.”

在实践活动中,我校注重把班主任的专业化发展放在班集体建设中体现,在活动中展示班主任的工作理念、工作思路和工作成效。为此我们在班主任中开展了争创“六佳”活动。 即:创“最佳教室”创“最佳班会”创“最佳板报”创“最佳礼仪训练课”创“最佳班主任记事”创“最佳班主任手册”学校要求各班教室要突出活动主题及班级特色,创设良好的育人环境,做到环境教育人。使同学们在良好的环境中受到教育,得到熏陶。

In the class meeting, the school required each class in accordance with the school at each stage of the task and requirements as a training point. Make the moral education theory walk in the study before, understand in which, the training is more important. In order to help students remember the daily behavior and civilized behavior, the school has prepared a special“School class management system and quantitative examination rules”, easy to understand, simple and clear. So that students in the recitation of the act of remembering the requirements of civilization, by the teachers and students alike.

In the class meeting, the class teacher not only achieves theoretical indoctrination, but also pays more attention to guidance and behavior strengthening, so that students' awareness of civility is constantly increasing, civilized behavior is gradually forming habits, and students' polite behavior has been praised and praised by guests many times.

Through a series of competitions, the work ability of the head teacher has not only been trained and improved, but also made the head teacher clearly realize that the theory and method of simple class management is not enough to build a good class collective, the teacher in charge of a class should renew his educational concept, learn advanced educational theory, manage the class scientifically, master modern information technology and carry out educational activities under the guidance of new ideas. At the same time, it also makes the teacher-in-charge play his special skills in various competitions, and improves the ability of class management, which makes the teacher-in-charge step on the road of professional growth.

Concluding remarks

After a period of study, we have achieved little results, promoting the improvement of the professional quality of class teachers and improving the civilized quality of students.In the next stage, our main direction of efforts will be to work hard in practice, promote the professional quality of class teachers, apply the research results to practical work, and summarize the operational strategies of class teachers' professional development in an empirical way.Research and analyze the influence of teachers' behavior on the formation of students' good behavior habits, summarize and apply various influencing factors to promote the work of class teachers.

We also know that the road is long, we will continue to uphold the moral education characteristics of our school "small, detailed, practical, close and new", combined with the implementation of class teacher work, with new theories as guidance, from small links, strict management, pay attention to practical results, emphasize to improve the professional quality of class teachers, improve the civilized quality of students, and also make our school win the recognition of all walks of life, so that our school's work can achieve greater results, and achieve a win-win situation for teachers and students.