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2022-09-16 07:41:22


I met Bill in 2005. This afternoon 他的朋友圈文章,深情回首从业感悟,点滴字句,发自肺腑,力透纸背。对于这位复旦才子,欣赏的不仅仅是他的勤奋和聪明,更多的是:他是一个很真的人。

Many years later, only to understand that in the many outstanding qualities of life, the truth is the most valuable.

Here's what it says:


Chinese people pay attention to fate, I often think, if not that graduation season met him, now their own will be what? A lot of people say he's a prick, that he's tough, that he's just a punctuation who can fix things for you. What more could you ask for? As a rookie in the industry and workplace, I am really glad that such a supervisor, many years later, is still useful.

He was the one who told me that the business manager of finance is a credit officer and not just a simple salesman. The financial officer should have principles and cherish his own feathers. It's hard for me to get rich by renting a job, but will let me have a decent life, he also told me, the financial trust is very difficult to build, but very easy to break, but also he taught me, how to face the pressure of performance, how to face the competition.

虽然那不是我的目标,但他也期望我能很快拿到 10 万的年薪,尽快在上海买房,我们有过争论,有过意见的不同,但我始终尊重并愿意为之努力,一个好的领路人,会是你职业生涯中最大的幸运,所以当我后来自己要带新人的时候,也总是尽量的真诚努力,我做不到名师,那就严格吧 ……




Every day is new, do not forget the original heart, the party has to always, the road ahead is still thorny, may we all persist and go to our own success!