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Want to make friends with the boss

2022-09-16 07:25:21





So in the workplace, do you want to be friends with your boss?





What Xiaoyu wants to make clear to everyone here is that no matter who the object is, the workplace is not a place to make friends.

Your boss can be like a friend, and you can be as good as a buddy, but you can't cross an invisible line with your boss.

Because the friendliness of the boss can be understood as "a micro-service private patrol to inspect the people's feelings", his purpose is more to maintain stability and find problems.It is to deceive one or two children who do not have long eyes to accidentally say that they leak their mouths and leak the wind.

If you treat your boss as a friend and tell him all the secrets in your heart, it is easy to talk too much.

Even making a mistake and causing trouble (I have a deep understanding that I thought I was very humorous and ended up with a pot).

But of course, in addition to making money, work is also to get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.Of course, it is to get along well with the boss.





I would still advise you not to think too romantically about your relationship with your boss.

Before that, do your best, don't say bad things about your colleagues to your boss, and don't say bad things about your boss to your colleagues.