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In the face of the new challenges brought by the new position, he gave the answer with powerful actions

2022-09-16 07:14:27

Without professional teaching materials, Guanyun can only read sporadic "command and control system" knowledge in a basic textbook for communication maintenance; The newly installed wheeled armored vehicles were "strictly protected" by the battalion, and even the training of drivers and crews had strict requirements, and there were not many opportunities for the officers and transports to touch the on-board command and control system of the armored vehicles.

Just half of the holiday, the 77th Army Brigade Command and control system repair workers have been unable to suppress official luck. The thought of those“Comrades” in the army, the idea of returning to the team in my heart wave after wave surging, wave after wave more intense.

The“Comrades” with the official luck in mind were the new equipment in the brigade. Last year, the new equipment maintenance task heavy, tight time, the basic official transport no vacation. At the beginning of this year, Lian Li weighed and weighed, so that the government as soon as possible to the annual vacation.


This“Baby” took two years to develop. In two years time, the Infantry Origin's officer movement post, grows into the entire brigade maintenance support domain the platoon soldier. At the same time, his brigade was undergoing a big test after the adjustment and reform, and was moving forward towards the goal of building a new type of combat force. Both the individual and the collective have handed in their respective answers in the examination of the times.


■ Lei Zhaoqiang, special correspondent of the People's Liberation Army Daily, and correspondent Wen Suyi and Li Peijin

Training interval, the official transport of vehicles for inspection and maintenance. Photo by Niu Yu Xiao

“If a repairman can't fix equipment,

Or waiting for the equipment to arrive, it's a failure.”

Not Tall, not handsome, a simple and honest appearance. The official luck in the crowd, how does not look like has“The ace maintenance worker” the potential. Wang Yupeng, commander of a brigade of the 77th Group Army Repair Company 2, held the same view at the beginning of his appointment.


There were not many soldiers in the company, and Wang soon got to know most of the soldiers in the company. But for official luck, it took him a long time to put a name to a person. “Guan Yun doesn't talk much, he stands inconspicuous in the line...”

A normal exercise training, Wang Yupeng let the professionals take away the training, official luck but a person with a small bench to repair a corner of the workshop.

“I'm the only one in this major. I can only set the questions and test myself.” Wang Yupeng took a closer look, and then discovered the official fortune's“One-man show”: one person organizing theoretical studies, one person preparing courseware, one person taking exams... ... facing this unfamiliar professional field, the official movement is a person from beginning to end.

Wang Yupeng is clear in his heart, after the reform adjustment appears the new establishment new post, the company generally has the manpower shortage situation. In order to ensure that every post is filled, many new posts are only allocated 1-2 people. But even so, the official fate of this lonely figure or let Wang Yupeng heart a shock.

The difficulties of official luck extend far beyond this. Without specialized teaching materials, Guan Yun could only read bits and pieces of“Command and control system” knowledge in a basic textbook on communications maintenance; the newly installed wheeled armored vehicles were“Strictly protected” by the battalion, even the driver, crew training has strict requirements, even the official transport to touch the Armored Vehicle Command and control system opportunities are not much.

“In a repair company, it's a failure if a repairman can't repair the equipment, or waits for the equipment to arrive at his door.” Official Luck's eyes were full of envy: the company's traditional professional repairmen played their role every day, especially in the auto-repair profession, performing maintenance tasks almost every day, the whole auto repair platoon because of Outstanding Achievement Glory set the collective Third Class Merit.

Some people are happy and some are sad. Looking at his comrades under bloom, and then at his own state of inaction, it is hard not to feel tempted to retreat, “It would be so boring to be a soldier for a few years if you kept doing this.”



Guan Yun always waiting for the day to come-get on the train to carry out maintenance tasks. In fact, a new type of wheeled armored vehicle was waiting for him.



Soon after the new equipment was put into service, the brigade rushed to the hinterland of the plateau at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters to carry out a live exercise.There is not much time left for officers and men to familiarize themselves with and adapt to the equipment.

During a drill, a composite battalion of the brigade advanced to the forward position as the main attack unit, but on the way, the infantry chose to get off the car and attack on foot, and sent out interspersed detachments to attack in a roundabout way, and replayed a traditional infantry tactic.Dozens of armored vehicles were simply used as "means of transportation."


"Originally, I didn't know how to use it, and I was afraid that I wouldn't fix it if I used it, so I simply didn't use it."The dilemma that no one will repair has forced the commanders of armored vehicles to choose a "conservative route", and many people are afraid in front of the terminal screen of the on-board command and control system.



Not long after, the brigade's equipment maintenance section coordinated a study and training quota and notified Wang Yupeng.

"There's an opportunity to go out and study, and you don't want to try it?" Wang Yupeng found Guanyun and did not expect that Guanyun was "not very interested" in it.For this short period of study and training, Guan Yun did not have much hope at all, and he knew in his heart that the command and control system was profound and impossible to master in more than 10 days.

Wang Yupeng began to painstakingly do the ideological work of official fortune, in fact, he himself was not sure, but he felt that "being able to go out and see" was better than hiding in Lianli.






During the recess, Guan Yun couldn't help but chat with the "Bing King", not so much as chatting, but complaining, he poured all his "bitter water" for half a year to the "Bing King".











"Training with the factory?" After getting the notice, Guan Yun was a little confused and a little nervous.The doubt is that the previous training was organized by the troops, why go to the factory this time? The nervous thing is to deal with the local factory master, can you learn something?

At this time, Guanyun had mastered the basic knowledge of the command and control system, and he was eager to continue his studies, learn from the factory, and experience the whole process of equipment production, which was what he needed most at present.

All doubts were "dissipated" on the first day of entering the factory.The factory master who brought him had a kind attitude, and whenever guanyun asked a question or asked for advice on the craft, the master would immediately stop the work at hand and explain it carefully for him.

"They all have their own jobs, and explaining them to me will delay their tasks for the day."A few days later, Guan Yun admired the factory master.


What made Guanyun even more excited was that the factory invited him to participate in the business seminar in the factory.At the meeting, the factory masters took him as an important participant and inquired in detail about the equipment use of the troops and suggestions for improvement.

The suggestions and opinions put forward by the official movement were recorded in the book one by one.When he was invited to sit back at the conference table after the keynote speech, a sudden feeling hit the heart of the grassroots repairman.

Not long after the end of the training with the factory, Guan Yun left for the Non-Commissioned Officer School of the Army Armored Corps Academy, where he would complete the final practical study.3 months passed quickly in the tense course schedule, and the official movement ushered in the day when the students returned to camp.

In the last week before leaving, an instructor said affectionately to all the non-commissioned officers and cadets: "I hope that you can aspire to be a 'soldier king', but if you want to become a 'soldier king', you must endure loneliness, and use the accumulation of time to cultivate a strong skill."I hope to see the day you become talented.”

The word "King of Soldiers" made the officials in the corner tremble, and his mind came up with the first-class sergeant major who had enlightened him.Not only him, but also the company commander who fully supported his studies, the assistant of the organ who coordinated the study quota for himself, the factory master when training with the factory...

GuanYun said that these teachers and friends who constantly changed the trajectory of his life gave him a very subtle feeling, in fact, they did not deliberately do anything, everyone tried their best to do their own work, but everyone's "bit by bit" came together to form a huge "thrust", "pushing" the official fortune to climb up little by little.






As luck would have it, just as they arrived at the office, Zhao Hui, the brigade's commander of a synthetic battalion, barged in with a piece of equipment on the vehicle's command and control system. It was a faulty piece of equipment that caused problems with the vehicle connection, affecting the live-fire results of the day. Zhao Hui was also criticized by the brigade leaders, but Zhao Hui could not repair it, so he had to run to the authorities for help.

“Want, I try?” Equipment Maintenance section assistant just said a“No one can repair”, next to the official luck then tentatively interjected a word.







Young, there will always be endless ideas.The official fortune of graduating from high school knows that the level of education is limited to him, but he is not discouraged, "young is capital."Over the years, the tasks of various combat readiness training and learning and training have been so arduous, he has also obtained a college degree through self-study, and has self-studied many undergraduate courses such as "Principles of Communication", "C Language", "Single-chip Mechanism Fabrication and Principle", "Analog Circuits" and so on.

"I felt like I had just opened a door, and there was a wider world waiting for me to explore inside the door.The "door" mentioned by the official movement is the future army combat concept behind the command and control system, and the information age has penetrated into all aspects of new equipment, and the future battlefield needs more knowledge-based talents.






Entering a new era, the people's army has also taken the step of "starting from scratch" -- the reform of national defense and the armed forces, which has attracted worldwide attention, has begun.Under the new establishment system, many new posts have been created in the field of rear-loading support.What is different from the past is that some posts have only a few people in the company establishment, and some even have only one person in a specialty.During the training period, the repairmen in these positions often need one person to undertake all the tasks of the corresponding weapons and equipment maintenance support.











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