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Just! The United States signed a peace agreement with the Afghan Taliban to end an 18-year war

2022-09-16 07:12:52



United States-afghan government joint statement: 美国计划在14个月内全部撤军






Since October 2018, the U.S. government and the Taliban have held several rounds of negotiations in Doha, and the two sides were close to reaching an agreement at one point in early September last year, after which the United States abruptly called off negotiations.In December 2019, the two sides resumed negotiations.On the 12th of this month, a number of sources familiar with the progress of negotiations between the United States and the Afghan Taliban revealed that if the Taliban can significantly reduce violence, the two sides may sign an agreement as soon as this month.If signed, it would push the U.S. to finally withdraw some 13,000 troops from Afghanistan and kick off a process of peace dialogue in Afghanistan.

On the 21st of this month, US Secretary of State Pompeo said that if the agreement between the United States and the Afghan Taliban on "reducing violence" is successfully implemented, the two sides will sign a peace agreement on February 29.