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Children will always encounter unexpected problems in their growth, and parents can easily cope with this knowledge

2022-09-16 07:10:31

Windmill Medical Education experts remind you: our education must let children out of the“Learned helplessness” state, let children have to deal with all difficulties of self-confidence, so that children will face unexpected problems, try difficulties more consciously, face challenges, overcome obstacles, overcome self.


Our children are no exception, and there will be two manifestations of problem solving, but if the child encounters a sudden problem, it will always show it:


Seligman's experiment showed:


Speaking of children, they are naïve, if there is no good guidance from parents, when encountering sudden problems, due to their lack of social experience, they cannot solve the problem.

In the face of the problem, the child will be increasingly unable to cope with sudden problems, slowly falling into a“Learned helplessness” state.


Reminder: the reason for this lies in one person











, let the child

Failure can be catastrophic for children or adolescents, and opportunities must be created to allow children to enjoy the joy of success.

In specific family education, according to the actual situation, the goal that the child can achieve through hard work should be established, and once the child achieves the goal and experiences the joy of success, he will establish the self-confidence of "I can do it".

It will enable them to concentrate on facing pressure and challenges, suppress the emergence of learned psychological states of helplessness, and slowly children will actively face problems and not be afraid of challenges.


Therefore, in the face of sudden problems,

Parents should let their children develop an optimistic attitude and optimistic self-evaluation in the usual family education, so that children can see their own shortcomings at the same time, they should see their own strengths, they should believe in themselves, do not give up on themselves, and do not complain about others.

In particular, they can take the initiative to adjust their emotions, maintain a balanced mentality, correctly view and deal with contradictions and difficulties in learning and life, and deal with unexpected problems.

in a word

Remind you: we must let children get rid of the state of "learned helplessness" in education, so that children have the self-confidence to cope with all difficulties, so that children will face sudden problems, more consciously try difficulties, face challenges, overcome obstacles, and overcome themselves.

Source: Windmill Medical Experts Online