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Li Yifeng was caught up in the storm of prostitution, and the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala removed him from the list, and his name could not be searched on multiple platforms

2022-09-16 07:08:41





Some netizens reflected that many platforms have not been able to search for Li Yifeng's related content, and some platforms say that it is not a BUG! Moreover, Li Yifeng himself has also been online many times, that is, he does not come out to refute the rumors, and he can endure it.



For Li Yinfeng Fang delayed response, some netizens assume he did not do, may be slow response studio, still consulting a lawyer to deal with. On the other hand, if something really went wrong, there would be two more situations. First, the official would not report it, and the studio would not refute the rumor. Even if there was no hammer outside, the industry would acquiesce that there was a problem, and the resources would definitely be destroyed. The second situation was to report it.

There are well-known bloggers said“Three-word male artists” this wave of trouble resources are really on the brink of collapse, to see if they can“Stay Green Hill. Some netizens questioned“No solid hammer is also OK”, the other side said back is definitely high-risk artists.

In view of whether this situation will be reported, netizens think of some incidents that have not been "reported".


Another netizen took Niu Meng Meng as an example, saying that silence might prevent the authorities from making public announcements, and that denial would be hammered by the authorities.

When news of Niu Meng Meng's arrest broke, I denied it on social media, saying it was fake news and would issue a statement. Later, Daxing Public Security issued an official statement saying that Niu Meng Meng had indeed been arrested for drug use.


In the end, Li Yifeng's case was so big that clarifying it didn't mean it was okay, but not clarifying it in time did. Are already involved in the laws and regulations and other serious issues, not speaking will only make the development of the situation become more and more bad, no matter what happens to respond to it! Reassure the fans!