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Chen Qingling Junior 5: Nie Huaisang set up a bureau, Lan Jingyi and others almost embarked on the road of no return, fortunately with him

2022-09-16 07:07:38

In the later story, we will talk in detail about how Nie Huaisang attracted Lan Jingyi Lan Sichai and other juniors to appear, and joined his layout step by step.


16 years later, many people think that the story begins in Mojiazhuang.In fact, what the TV series "Chen Qingling" did not say is,

That's right, it was Nie Mingjue, the heroic "Chifeng Zun" who even Wei WuXian couldn't help but praise, and the big brother who could help Nie Huaisang hold up a piece of heaven.

But when the hard truth was right in front of him, he had to believe it.