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Uncle“The little man”'s country cultural compound

2022-09-16 07:06:53


Xinhua News Agency, Yinchuan, May 16

Xinhua news agency reporters Zhao Qian, Ma Sijia, Liao Siwei

The evening wind passed through the orchard behind the Xuejun Cultural Compound, and 13-year-old Tian Le and his companions immersed themselves in reading, until the "dwarf" uncle urged them to get up reluctantly, register and borrow the book home.



The reporter saw in this cultural compound with a two-story building that a long table and more than 5,000 books were placed on the first floor, and it was also equipped with cultural and sports equipment such as chess boards, skipping ropes, and painting tools.

“Although I am physically disabled, I can do what others can do,” Wu said.


"Reading makes my spirit strong, and I want to provide a spiritual and cultural place for the children and the elderly in the village, and put more than 600 books of my own in the cultural compound for people to borrow for free."Wu Xuejun said that his idea was supported by the local government department, and the Qingtongxia Disabled Persons' Federation and the library added more than a dozen bookcases to his compound, updating books every two months, and social benevolent people and students also donated books.

The cultural compound with increasingly rich collections and increasingly perfect facilities has gradually developed into a rural cultural and entertainment venue integrating a library, an activity room and a literary and art performance center.



The banner “World Book Day 4.23” still hangs on the library wall of the Xuejun cultural compound. Every year on this day, Wu Xuejun to hold a reading and composition contest for students, but also out of his own pocket to buy watercolor pens, notebooks and other prizes for students. “We love these activities and we learn a lot,” says Dengaku.

Wu Xuejun, who is good at business, is always restless. In 2017, he opened a farm tool shop next door to the cultural compound, earning nearly 10,000 yuan a year, but in less than two years, he closed the shop. “I'm alone, and I can't take care of both sides of things. When I see the children waiting for the gate to open, I feel that it's more meaningful not to make money,” he said.