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CCTV Lu Jian interviewed Li Ziqi: No road is in vain

2022-09-16 07:02:36


If you have watched Li Ziqi's video, you will definitely like this girl, rural idyllic life, melons, fruits and vegetables self-sufficiency.Li Ziqi wears an ancient costume like a fairy, but in the video she has the freedom to do farm work, make various kinds of food, and also perform traditional crafts that are not cultural heritage.Eighteen martial arts are proficient, and you can't do it if you don't obey.


Plum qi video I like the“Life of Everything” series, a short ten-minute record of the seeds of food, germination, flowering, results. It turned out that these shots of the changing seasons were accumulated bit by bit. She mentioned that she used a special folder to record every process of every crop. When the seeds were about to sprout, she reminded the photographer in advance to set up the camera and delay the shooting, it takes more patience and waiting. Sure enough, everyone is not easy to be successful.

Part of her video is devoted to China's intangible cultural arts and crafts, such as movable type printing. These need to follow the receiver to learn a few months time, and then shoot. Lu Jian asked her, “Why do you want to do this?”? She replied: Some non-heritage craft like old people, will soon disappear. Hope to do their best to spread out to let more people know.



为什么这样的视频能让国内和海外的人们喜欢,我想还是李子柒与众不同的生活方式。可以看日出的露珠,天边的云朵, 冬天的雪,夏天的风,秋天的金黄。还可以吃自己种的蔬菜水果,欣赏自己养的花花草草。她和她奶奶的祖孙之情也让很多人动容。

Many people dream of living such a life, and she has turned her dream into a reality.


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