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4. Perl, database

2022-09-16 07:00:31

/usr/bin/perl -wuse strict; 1.Array: many numbers constitute vectors, represented by @, can be cyclic operation $, @ variable 2.Text files: line by line, line by line, similar to opening with Notepad, not 3 in word.sqs array: page 60 in ppt, each line includes a newline character


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Perl variables, loops, substitutions

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

1. 数组:很多数构成向量,用@表示,可循环运算


2. 文本文件:一行一行换一行,类似于用Notepad打开,word中的不是

3. sqs array: page 60 in ppt, each line includes a newline character, the array starts from 0, and 0 corresponds to the first line

Four. A sequence is a string consisting of & GT; N N newlines several times




1. 三大数据库

NCBI 美国国家生物信息中心

EBI 欧洲

DDBJ 日本的DNA数据银行

2. Protein Database Pfam (Homologous Protein Family Database)

3. SRA library high-throughput sequencing

4.NP splicing problems, sequencing is short, splicing is difficult

5. scaffolds (序列)

6. The whole genome of Mukolin is in Ascensil in Phytozome.