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The ancient coin quickly sold it, silver dollar Yuan Datou Republic of China ten years, the latest offer of 3.58 million yuan!

2022-09-16 06:55:49



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After the 1911 revolution, Yuan Shikai, the founder of the northern new army, stole the fruits of the revolution and became president of the People's Republic of China. During his reign, in order to strengthen his dominance, stabilize the domestic situation, and develop the national economy, he began to carry out a unified transformation of the national currency into the "Yuan Datou" silver coin we call today. In 1914, the front engraved with Yuan Shikai profile, cast on the back of Jiahe map commonly known as “Yuan Big Head,” the silver dollar was introduced. Before 1949, among the nearly 1,000 kinds of silver coins issued by the Chinese government, "Yuan Datou" had the two titles of the largest circulation and the largest number of surviving titles.

In the four years of "Yuan Datou", "Yuan Datou" was issued less in the ten years of the Republic of China, resulting in fewer surviving quantities.Therefore, "Yuan Datou" has a high collection value in the past ten years of the Republic of China.The small editor of the small noodle pie treasure will introduce in detail the "Yuan Datou" ten years of the Republic of China.

"Yuan Datou" Republic of China ten years of manufacturing is issued in 1921, its main material is silver, the weight is 26.6 grams, the front pattern of the silver coin is Yuan Shikai wearing the left side of the military uniform, the main pattern on the back of the silver coin is composed of two rice ears, the center of the coin is also printed with one circle, middle circle, two corners, one corner and other different words, the denomination of the coins is different, their weight is also different, respectively, 26.6 grams, 13.23 grams, 5.23 grams and 2.6 grams, the silver content of these coins is also different, the outer ring of the coin is mostly straight tooth edge, generally more well-made.



1. Standard Edition


Second, T-point year

Generally, there is a horizontal dot in the annual character of the ten-year standard version, but the point of this edition is similar to the T-word or the number of 7, so there is another name for the 7-point year edition, this edition of the engraver and the general ten-year overall seem to be much more exquisite, some of the see also have the phenomenon of collar penetration, this version is more numerous, but also a common layout.

Three, T-point year six-pointed star

This version is characterized by a general T-dot year, but the star of the epaulette has six corners, and even eight corners (generally a five-pointed star), the appearance seen is not too good, which is also very likely because of the relationship between the stars, as long as the light and wear are not large, it is very beautiful, and it is not difficult to collect this version, but it is difficult to find good quality.

4. Open your mouth
















最近价格如此好 ,家中有此类钱币的是选择继续收藏 ,还是卖出去呢?你怎么看?



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