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The 8 worst things to do when you wake up and steal your life away

2022-09-16 06:54:42

"Life Times" (search for "LT0385" in WeChat to follow) interviews experts, summarizes 8 common mistakes of getting up, and takes you to the best state to meet the new day.


As the saying goes, "the plan of the day lies in the morning", especially after getting up, even a small action may have an impact on the life of the day.

Life Times



Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Southern Hospital, Southern Medical University, Zhou Yingchun

Tan Guijun, Director of the Department of Nutrition, Tianjin First Central Hospital

中国中医科学院研究生院教授 杨力

Urinate immediately after waking up

Drink too much water at night, or have symptoms of frequent urination and urgency, and often wake up in the early morning.If you hurry up and go to the toilet, it will often

During sleep, the body's metabolic level decreases, the heartbeat slows down, blood pressure drops, and all physiological functions are slow.At this time, suddenly go to the toilet, the bladder is quickly empty, which is easy to induce hypotension, causing transient blood supply to the brain, resulting in

Even if you are in a hurry to urinate, don't get up and run to the toilet immediately, but slowly get up, sit on the edge of the bed for a few minutes, and then slowly walk to the toilet.


Two taboos



  • 首先,两手搓热,干洗脸数次,然后依次按摩太阳穴、后脑勺、脖子,反复20次;

  • 其次,两手半握拳,轻捶腰背部10次,然后捶打双侧大小腿外侧;

  • Finally, alternately pedal the center of the foot with the heels, and then rub the palms of the feet together to make the center of the foot feel warm.

Work immediately after waking up


When you wake up, it's best to lie in bed with your eyes open and think about your plans for the day, so that your muscles and blood are“Resting” and“Waking up” slowly. Then slowly get up,

You can also do small stretches in bed to relax your muscles:

  • 左腿伸直,右腿弯曲,双臂水平张开,上身有节奏地扭转20次;

  • 然后仰卧,身体蜷缩,双手抱膝,静止一会,然后缓缓上下滚动20次。


Four bogeys

With plenty of time, getting up in the morning and exercising moderately can have many health benefits. But some people get up in the morning and start exercising vigorously, for example

Vigorous exercise in the morning stimulates sympathetic nervous system and disrupts autonomic rhythms, which can keep you up all day

Office workers should be prepared the night before to wear the next day clothes, to take things, to avoid scrambling to pack things. On the road as calmly as possible, do not suggest a brisk walk or trot.

If you want to get up and exercise, suggest to

Five taboos
Eat right after waking up

Stomach in the early morning in the“Half-dream, half-awake” state, it takes more than ten minutes to half an hour to wake up. Morning saliva and gastric juice secretion is relatively small, if eat immediately, especially eat some indigestible food (such as meat) , easy to cause

It is recommended to drink a glass of water after waking up in the morning and eat after a while.This cup of water can not only replenish the water lost during sleep, increase the secretion of digestive juices, but also promote blood circulation. Prevent cardiovascular accidents 的发生。

It should be noted that this glass of water is best


Six bogeys

A study by Kingston University in the UK showed that even in very neat bedrooms, there are at least 15 million mites in the futon on each bed.Because the dust mites in the room are not easy to survive in a dry, revealing environment, and the folded quilt will easily preserve the temperature and sweat of the human body, thus creating living conditions for the dust mites.

In addition, people excrete a large amount of exhaust gases during a night's sleep, which contains 149 kinds of chemicals such as carbon dioxide, and about 150 kinds of substances evaporated from sweat, which are adsorbed on the quilt.

Immediately after getting up, the quilt is folded, these substances are not easy to emit, resulting


Seven taboos


Still some people alarm clock rang a few times, just hurried to get up to wash, this can make sympathetic nerve over-excited, autonomic nerve occurrence disorder, easy to let a person





Eight taboos

If you want to wake up quickly and completely from sleep, it is best to start first












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