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The day of the Dragon's head -- talk about L 5

2022-09-16 06:52:56

总之,钱到位了什么都好[FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY]x2:L5人声细节比D100更多一些,低频量比d100多,并且扎实,氛围感好。




Heaven 8: This is the first time I've heard this. Sound is unit, both ends of the dark plug. Rough listen down, feel wronged L5, can't hear the quality should have. The voice is smooth and full, is not the iron system pulls up the voice young style, and 334 is a bit like, walks thick sound style. Put on the D100 female voice a little dental, but completely acceptable, high-frequency light point, not L5 so boring.

ve6 x1: Tangled whether to write, because it is not their own writing is afraid of misleading, but because it was stunned, finally I couldn't stop writing a little, but for reference only.Just plugged in the L5, there is a bottom noise is also drunk, the sensitivity is scary.Open sound, stunning high-frequency extension does not lose IE800, the timbre is more moist than 800, compared to IE800 high frequency is a bit stiff.The tri-frequency separation is high and the detail is rich.The human voice is not far away, there is a small poison, but it is not as difficult and direct as the iron triangle poison.The overall feeling is that the sound is relatively neutral but not plain, and the luster is smooth.Again, for reference only [GRINNING FACE WITH SMILING EYES] replaced by d100, the vocals are slimmer, the sense of lines is stronger, and the high-frequency extension is still so brilliant.In short, the money is in place and everything is good [FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY]

x2: L5 vocal details are more than D100, low frequency volume is more than d100, and solid, good sense of atmosphere.The d100 appears smaller and fresher, cleaner.There is not much difference in vocals, they are all straightforward and simple voices, not scratching the ears, but it is not difficult to hear.L5 life details more, fuller, d100 line sense is stronger, energy more concentrated.The d100 high frequency is more ethereal and bright, and the L5 is balanced, moderate in volume and more robust.

In general, after all, it is a large headset, these two small players are not enough to feed the x2, the sound is not satisfactory.However, under the control of L5 Big Brother LP5, there will be a big improvement.

fibass: If heaven is just the low-end flavor of vocal plugs, then fibass is the high-end flavor that focuses on both taste and quality.The fibass on the L5 is more satisfying, unlike the d100 feeling of being empty.In the transition between medium and high frequencies, fibass has already won.The vocals are not as thickly stained as heaven, but retain the proper thickness while having a faint sweetness.I feel that listening to female poison does not necessarily lock in the old iron, and if there is no shortage of money, this fibass is worth a try.Due to the excellent control of L5, the bass is small in quantity, but the quality is not lacking, or a clean and clean low frequency.


Summary: One is a good appearance, one is the accompanying recording function, L5 is a little better than d100, the control of the bass and the sound separation and the sound field are slightly better, and there is no obvious difference in analysis.To put it bluntly, it still depends on the collocation. Well matched is good.