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The special exhibition of industrial Internet application scenarios will be held in Guangzhou, and a large number of Guan enterprises will be invited to participate in the exhibition

2022-09-16 06:51:26


■广东拓斯达科技股份有限公司的生产车间 记者 程永强 摄



The reporter learned from the press briefing held yesterday afternoon that Dongguan will be one of the cities that the organizing committee will focus on inviting to participate in the exhibition, a group of mould companies from Hengli, Dongguan, furniture companies from Humen and textile and clothing companies from Dalang, Dongguan will be invited to participate in the exhibition.


At the same time, the“Industrial Internet application scene characteristics exhibition” will highlight the manufacturing demand side of the application scene, the elimination of“Technical Barriers.”. Jointly set up industrial cluster industrial interconnection scene, 5G industrial park, industrial internet platform and application, industrial Internet Security, cloud MES area, Bay Area coordination and future industry seven exhibition areas, a total of 66 booths, covering 112 exhibitors and organizations at home and abroad, with a total exhibition area of 6000 square meters.

Spectators can swipe their ID cards to enter

The exhibition area of 5G industrial park mainly shows the upgrading of infrastructure, management and production intelligentization of industrial park brought by 5G Experience 5G applications in industry, such as machine vision, digital twinning, remote operation, unmanned operation, wireless factory, flexible manufacturing, smart grid power supply, AGV, intelligent patrol robot, digital cockpit, etc. Real-time on-site hands-on experience, take the audience to experience the industrial road to 5G.


This exhibition adopts the way of directional invitation, according to each exhibition scene and the theme of each press conference, it invites about 3000 manufacturers in vertical field, at the same time, ecological partners, trade associations in related fields, industrial parks, investment and financing institutions in professional fields will be invited to attend. The exhibition is open, visitors can enter by swiping ID card.

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Every day, 300,000 pieces of data need to be processed in the production workshop of Guangdong Tuosida Technology Co. , Ltd. . These data“Go to the cloud” and become workshop“Language” to solve production problems for enterprises, make production more and more intelligent. This is the“Cloud” of Dongguan Zhi Zhuo, Tuosita has also become the Industrial Internet of Dongguan Enterprise representatives, will be in the“Industrial Internet application scene characteristics exhibition” on display.

从制造资源云化改造,到制造能力开放共享,一大批以工业互联网为核心的产业集群在东莞崛起。东莞率先作为,厚植产业土壤,以《深入推进“筑云惠企”工程 发展工业互联网 促进东莞产业高质量发展实施方案》为战略抓手,提出2020年将东莞建成广东省领先的工业互联网应用示范基地。

The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology that next, Dongguan will promote 5,000 industrial enterprises to go to the cloud in information technology infrastructure and management systems in 3 years, 500 industrial enterprises to achieve core business informatization, digitalization and cloud migration, cultivate 30 municipal industrial Internet collaborative innovation demonstration projects, and support a series of fee reduction measures and project subsidy incentives for this purpose, with a maximum reward of 10 million yuan, driving Dongguan to create a 100-billion-level innovation industry cluster.

记者 曹丽娟