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Is there really a "little long meat" eating order? Eat dinner like this and lose weight quickly

2022-09-16 06:51:01

Pictures originate from the network Graphic text has nothing to do with 3.Must eat protein Some friends dare not eat meat, eggs, fish and shrimp for dinner, etc., only eat "grass", the result is easy to be hungry at ninety o'clock at night, resulting in crazy turning over the refrigerator, or poking mobile phone takeaway software.

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Given that dinner will be a very important meal for weight loss, how to arrange dinner, in order to be conducive to weight loss, but also to avoid hunger "eyes Venus"? Today's article will give you some practical small methods.

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First, it is best to eat at four o'clock in the afternoon.


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It is important to remember that whenever it is possible to eat dinner early, never deliberately delay it.Try not to eat anything after 8pm as much as possible.


Compared with eating staple foods from the beginning, there is actually a less long meat eating order: first eat vegetables, then eat meat, eggs, fish, etc., and finally eat staple food.

This sequence will help you feel full early and always feel full, without eating too much for this meal and the next meal.


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“I don't like sweets,” he said to himself. “I don't let my brain be fooled by sweets.”



If you are eating a raw salad, try to use only vinaigrette, a little more than a spoonful. Beware of japanese-style sesame salad dressing, thond island sauce, mayonnaise and other fat content and added sugar are very high“Hidden heat.”.

The picture originates from the network And the graphics have nothing to do with each other


Some friends did not dare to eat meat, eggs, fish, and shrimp for dinner. Instead, they only ate“Grass.” As a result, it was easy for them to get hungry at 90 o'clock at night, leading to frantic rummaging in the fridge or poking at their mobile phone's take-out app. With the right amount of protein, your stomach will empty more slowly, your hunger will come later and you will feel less empty.


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5. Subtly replace staple foods


Eat at most the amount of one fist you have.If you are not a master but are very large, then eat 1/2-2/3 of the amount of fists.

If you want to exchange rice noodles for corn, you can! A single stick of corn will do.If you want to change to sweet potatoes, you can also, a medium-sized sweet potato is enough, don't be a huge volume.

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If you can't do any of the above, at least have a glass of warm water before your meal, plus an extended meal lasting 30 minutes, with each bite thoroughly chewed until it's thin enough to swallow.

Of course, you can also choose low-calorie“Fake dinner” such as konjac noodles or meal replacers, but I really don't think you can do it every night. After all, the world's fireworks, is the joy of life, weight loss does not mean to sacrifice all the comfort of the habit.

(文/刘遂谦 科普工作者、临床营养师、中国营养学会会员)

(Beijing Youth Daily)