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Ma Sichun apologized for traffic violations; Lin Zhiying successfully completed face surgery; Jay Chou's son appeared in the "Pink Ocean" MV

2022-09-16 06:47:57





Recently, some media have photographed Ma Sichun driving out in the opposite direction.On August 16, Beijing traffic police reported that Ma Sichun had violated traffic regulations.



Lin Zhiying successfully completed the face surgery

据相关媒体报道,中国台湾男艺人林志颖目前已做完颜面第二阶段手术,目前正在努力恢复中。今日林志颖妻子陈若仪也在社交平台发布夫妻两人十指紧握的照片并配文称:“挺过风雨,终究会看见曙光。” 也祝愿林志颖早日康复!


Jay Chou's "Pink Ocean" MV

Jay Chou's "Pink Ocean" MV is online, Romeo surprised the camera, wearing sunglasses super cute, pink picture dream romantic!

Aurora TV






The shopkeeper encountered the girl's untidy clothes and entered the store to help get dressed

On August 14, in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, a girl with untidy clothes walked into the hotel, and the owner immediately went forward to help cover it after finding out, and looked for clothes to help the girl put it on.According to the person concerned, Ms. Jiang, the girl was about 20 years old, suspected of having a mental disorder, and quickly came forward to help after seeing it, because she could not ask the girl's information, and when she was ready to call the police, the girl left on her own.Ms. Jiang said that at that time, none of the customers in the store had filmed or watched, and she felt respect for women.I was shocked at the time, and the same woman was also very distressed, and the first reaction was to come forward to help.


Trump complained that the FBI had stolen three passports

Trump continues to complain: During a search of Mar-a-Lago, the FBI stole three of my passports!] The FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate has not subsided.According to the latest report on the US "Business Insider" website on the 15th local time, Trump said that FBI agents took three of his passports during the "raid", one of which has expired.





Staff said a man came to the business hall claiming he had forgotten his password and asked staff to help unlock it. Police immediately rushed to the scene, in the man again, will be caught on the spot. According to reports, the car is a closed space, passengers lost in the car belongs to the owner of mobile phones, mobile phones as their own constitute the crime of theft. At present, the man has been detained by the police in accordance with the law.





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