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【Live Preview】The "dimensionality reduction empowerment" confinement club and postpartum rehabilitation center of the new track of transformation of nutritional medicine by pharmaceutical agents

2022-09-16 06:47:47

Yaoye friends said that they are live booking video number live broadcast preview live broadcast content: 1, pharmaceutical and medical agents transform the new track of nutrition medicine "dimensionality reduction empowerment" confinement club and postpartum rehabilitation center; 2. Guest Introduction: Chen Daopeng - Chief Operating Officer of Jingbai Medical Technology Co., Ltd.; Huo Shuobin—

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Live Content:

1、 Drug & equipment agent new track of nutritional medicine-“Dimension-reducing and energy-giving” maternity club and post-natal rehabilitation center

2. Introduction of guests:

—Chief Operating Officer, Jingbai Medical Technology Co., Ltd.;

Huo Shuobin is the founder of Tianjin Century Xinkang

Live Broadcast Time:

2022年9月15日(周四) 19:30——21:30


Medicine leaf friend said


"Yaoye 123 Data Center" has been established for more than 12 years, with more than 20w registered users on the platform, which is widely concerned by agents, private hospitals, production enterprises and pharmaceutical companies.

Therefore, in order to facilitate the understanding of the policy by the majority of pharmaceutical peers, "Yaoye 123" has specially opened a video number "Yaoye Friends Say", which has been updated 203 期。 The opening of this video number is mainly to establish a platform for extensive communication with pharmaceutical counterparts, talk about the little things in the pharmaceutical circle, and share information in the industry.

下面是 “药叶朋友说” 视频号


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