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Memorial - Uncle

2022-09-16 06:47:16

I walked on the road and cried, the phone was given to my uncle, who was already talking a little unclearly, I told him that he was the best uncle in the world, thank you for his concern and encouragement for me, he was happy for the completion of my graduation thesis.

My uncle, in the crowd, was an inconspicuous old man, not very tall, thin in stature, but his eyes were shining brightly.He lives in Beijing and we're in Chengdu, so we haven't actually spent much time together, but to me, he's the best uncle in the world.

I remember when I first got married, because there was no wedding, even my relatives and friends did not receive gift money, but my uncle insisted on giving us the money.Later, during the Spring Festival, we brought it to my uncle in the form of a New Year red envelope, and then my uncle and aunt entrusted me with a gold necklace on the grounds of sending an extra bonus.From this incident, we can know that my uncle always did not want to lose others in this life.After Zi Ann was born in 2016, I became a stay-at-home mom.This is a real challenge for me, who is extremely enterprising, and it is even more difficult for a new mother to meet a child who is sick.During this period, the phone greeting with my uncle often turned into a complaint, but my uncle did not have the slightest impatience, and encouraged me: "You can put down your career and take care of your family, it is great."The first time he took Zi'an to Beijing was when he was more than a year old, originally to visit his uncle, the result was that the child had a fever on the way, and as soon as he arrived in Beijing, he went to the hospital, herpetic pharyngitis, fortunately self-healing disease, and it didn't take a few days to get better.Although he spent a short time with his uncle, Zi'an often thought about going to see grandpa in Beijing after returning home.Later, as Zi'an grew older, I thought about a new plan for my life and decided to go to graduate school with the encouragement of my husband.The preparation time is limited, and the process is still breastfeeding, and the process is also quite difficult.Knowing my decision, my uncle opened the road of encouragement to me, and every time he called me, he told me that since I had chosen, I would stick to it.After the re-examination, knowing that I was admitted with the first grade in my major, I couldn't wait to tell my uncle the good news, "This is what you deserve", it was such a simple sentence that I almost shed tears.During my graduate studies, I focused on academic research.In addition to accompanying children, taking classes, reading English literature, learning research methods, determining their own research topics, and then collecting data, analyzing data, and writing, my scientific research road has been extremely difficult, and I have also been depressed and tearful.In this process, my uncle shared my scientific research experience with me and told me that the liberal arts are actually difficult, they are doing experiments, and the liberal arts are constructive theories, which is really not easy for people without academic experience.The first time I participated in the China-Australia Tourism Forum, I heard the academic seniors introduce their own research, I thought about what I could do, and I felt that others in various fields had finished their research.But my uncle told me seriously: "Knowledge is endless, these experts are starting from scratch, although you have no academic experience, but you have work experience, according to your work advantages, it is possible to develop new research topics."This is also the case, I started my own parent-child travel project research.The second time I went to Hong Kong to attend an academic conference, I became the person who introduced my research, and my uncle said: "You see, the Long March has begun the first step, and the effort still bears fruit."After submitting papers, rejecting papers, complicated interpersonal relationships, every time I was to my uncle to call communication and consultation advice.

In these two years, my uncle always asked me when to go to Beijing, study, take the baby, Kao IELTS to fill my time, I hope to have a 48-hour rhythm a day, the plan to go to Beijing is also delayed again and again, my heart is very indebted, in addition to telephone greetings, that is, in various holidays to use Jingdong to get home, to buy a variety of food and daily necessities for my uncle.My uncle was very happy every time he received it, but he always said not to buy it in the future, it was more expensive than what they bought in the physical store.Then my uncle's family opened a Sam's Club farther away, and I got a card for him to buy, and I said you see a discount, cheaper than if you buy it in a physical store.And my uncle, either sent us Daoxiangcun pastries or skin care products from Peking Union Medical College Hospital.




These days I began to write public account, also have a career plan, but no longer hear uncle's warm words. As a child who is often criticized by his father, my uncle's encouragement is very precious to me. Dear uncle, thank you, in my heart you are the best uncle in the world, your encouragement will accompany me to the road of my life...