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Spring shopping is exquisite! 20 years of experience, 5 kinds of vegetables do not play pesticides, fresh and cheap

2022-09-16 06:44:11



Vegetables play an important role in our lives, can a day without food can not a day without food. But, do not know when, people to buy vegetables have fear, fear of greenhouse planting medicine to eat worry.



It’s called

Baked eggs with garlic sauce

Prepare a handful of garlic moss cut into sections and rinse with water to remove excess pungent flavor.Sprinkle some salt and rub for a while to remove impurities.Then dry and set aside, beat seven or eight eggs into a bowl, add a little salt and chicken powder to spice up the bottom.Stir quickly to break up into egg mixture, then pour the garlic moss and egg mixture together and stir well.

Heat up the wok with oil to 50% . Pour in the garlic sprouts and egg mixture. Slowly heat until set. After the eggs on the bottom are set, we turn them over a little and continue to turn the pan so that the eggs are evenly heated. Fry slowly over low heat until the heat is evenly absorbed into the garlic sprouts, often pressing with a shovel.

The outer layer of eggs burn incense, inside the eggs smooth and tender, but also completely lock the sweet and fragrant garlic moss.

After cooking, do not rush out of the pot. Rinse the bowl just filled with egg. Use the pan gas to put in the water. This is a good way to get rid of the fishy taste of eggs, eggs eat more tender.



[ fried chrysanthemum chrysanthemum ]




3. Leeks



Prepare a handful of leeks, wash and cut into sections and set aside.(Separate the leek leaves from the leek stalks, and fry the leek stalks for a while) Prepare a few slices of dried beans, cut into thin strips, and cut some red pepper strips for color matching.

, boil half a pot of boiling water, pour the dried tofu into it and cook it to remove the bean smell, the dried tofu is relatively hard here to cook for a while, and the dried tofu becomes soft and then fished out for later.

, put in the onion ginger garlic slices stir-fry a few times, and then put in a few dried peppers, fry the spicy flavor out, pour in the dried beans, open the big heat to burst out the bean flavor, add the right amount of salt, sugar, oyster sauce, soy sauce seasoning, the seasoning is fried to the dried beans into the flavor, first put the more difficult to cook leek stalks, continue to fry on high heat until broken, and then put in the leek leaves, vegetable leaves and vegetable stems are fried separately, will not lose the umami flavor and it is not easy to get out of the water.

Finally, put in the red pepper shreds and stir-fry a few times, drizzle some water starch, so that the seasoning is better wrapped in the ingredients, after turning well, you can get out of the pot, simple and delicious leeks fried dried beans are ready.


, tender and nutritious, with pods can be stir-fried, beans can be steamed separately, put in the refrigerator frozen preservation.It is also a rare delicacy in spring, and there are thick pods on the outside of the beans, which can be eaten without pesticides.

Recommended Practices:

Prepare 500 grams of pea carobs and wash them in clean water.

One white green onion, cut into small pieces, a small piece of ginger, cut into ginger slices, put into the basin together, and then grab 3 star anise, 5 grams of dried chili peppers, 2 pieces of fragrant leaves for later, here the spices can be put a little on it, too much will affect the fragrance of the peas.

Add the right amount of water to the pot, pour in the prepared spices, add 5 grams of salt to reduce the bottom flavor, 3 grams of dark soy sauce, 2 grams of green peppercorns, 5 grams of light soy sauce, turn to high heat and bring to a boil.








In spring, the temperature is unstable, sometimes cold, sometimes hot, and the diet should follow the season. Eat less big fish and meat, and eat more vegetables and fruits. These five kinds of natural vegetables, which do not use pesticides, are fresh, nutritious and cheap. The vegetable farmers themselves take them home, don't worry.