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Jian "epidemic" brave for&nbsp;the new Beijing Fan <br>Series Live Sharing&nbsp;Phase&nbsp;&nbsp;I July 27&nbsp;14:-15:00&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>Guests: Tang Dongxiang, Han Zhongkai, Xin Pei <br>Topic: The response measures of the epidemic normalization gym <br>The opportunities and challenges faced by the health club during the epidemic<br> How to let the health club upgrade the brand and service <br>during the epidemic multi-track operation and short video marketing

2022-09-16 06:41:56

健“疫”勇为 新京范儿系列直播分享 第一期  7月27日 14:-15:00     本期嘉宾:唐东翔、韩忠凯、辛培话题:疫情常态化健身房的应变措施疫情期间健身俱乐部面对的机遇和挑战如何让健身俱乐部进行品牌、服务的升级疫情期间的多赛道经营以