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CCTV5 live, Beijing Shougang first game in Xinjiang, Hamilton first show of the season, the suspense!

2022-09-16 06:41:11





In addition to hamilton's joining, another small foreign aid Brown had some situations, he sprained his leg in the warm-up game with the Qingdao men's basketball team, and he also missed the warm-up game with the Tianjin men's basketball team.Fortunately, after the hospital examination, Brown's injury is not a major problem, and he should play in the third stage of the game.Brown has played two games for the team before, fully showing his super scoring ability, which is very important for Beijing Shougang.At present, many Beijing fans are worried about whether Yannis can let Brown play his strength, and his use of Brown in the previous two games has made many Beijing fans dissatisfied.It is not known how Yannis's use of Brown will change after this window of running-in.



Compared with the two teams, Beijing Shougang has advantages in terms of overall strength and foreign aid, but the disadvantages of the Xinjiang men's basketball team are not large, and the victory or defeat of this game is still suspenseful.The biggest attraction of this game is still in the interior.Moldry is already one of the best foreign aides in the CBA league and the strongest point of the Xinjiang men's basketball team, and Beijing Shougang will definitely limit him.Beijing Shougang not only has the inner twin towers composed of Fan Ziming and Li Muhao, but also Hamilton, who has just returned to the team, and the internal line is not left behind.In terms of front, Abdul Salam will definitely be the key defensive target of Beijing Shougang, and Yannis will also focus on his defense.To be sure, this game will certainly be very intense, both teams will go all out, Beijing Shougang will strive to open the door, and the Xinjiang men's basketball team will fully impact the playoffs.As for which team can win this game, let's wait and see!