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Big Data: marathons are all the Rage in China, driving the growth of local tourism

2022-09-16 06:38:51



The“National Horse” Beijing Marathon is eye-catching. Guangzhou Daily all-media reporter, photo by Bai Zhibiao

Marathon venues are often in the city streets, athletes in the race at the same time, can experience the city's architectural style and landscape on the track. Take Fangchenggang, a city that has held the china-asean international marathon three times in a row and was named the “Most beautiful track special event” in 2018. This year, Fangchenggang continued to refine the track, along the route, it passes through many scenic spots and classic landmarks in Fangchenggang Fangchenggang, such as Egret Park, fubo cultural park, Longma Pearl Square, Hong Kong Sports Town, Fangchenggang Garden Expo Park, etc. . The whole circuit around the waters of Fangchenggang Bay, is a sea-view circuit. All the runners had a panoramic view of Fangchenggang as they ran.

Marathons are popular in China, and peripheral tours have become the fastest-growing segment of the Chinese tourism market. Feng Rao, head of the wasp nest tourism research center, said that, “The large number of participants and the low barriers to entry can attract marathon enthusiasts from all over the country and the world. Especially in recent years, with the continuous improvement of the race and the continuous optimization of the route, the marathon is attracting more and more people to participate. “Sports tourism is not just a spectator tour, it's a participation tour, and high participation events like marathons are an important part of that.”