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Bao Mom tearfully warned: "If you can, don't let Grandma take the baby", exposing the current family situation

2022-09-16 06:35:51

Second, the hardships of grandmothers with babies, as a daughter must be able to see 1, the elderly go to a different place without security For most women, they are married, if during pregnancy, their mothers will come to take care of themselves, then the mother will also face the same embarrassment of unfamiliar life as these women.

Ever since, the role of mother-in-law has always been involved in helping young people with their babies.However, from the current situation, more and more Grandma took on the responsibility of helping young people with their babies

A big part of the reason is because of these young women, 不想因为带娃跟婆婆发生婆媳矛盾 ,第二大原因就是因为这些当妈的老人特别心疼自己的女儿,所以主动请您帮忙带娃。还有一些原因就是因为,身为婆婆的老人,不愿意帮孩子带娃。


新型的带娃方式颇受欢迎,但是越来越多的年轻女性都表示: 如果有条件,千万不要让自己妈过来帮忙带娃。

刘女士刚结婚的时候就怀上了孩子 As for the couple, they have already decided which old man to ask to take care of them. Because the man's parents were not in good health, and Ms. Liu was an only child, her mother was very worried about her, so as soon as Ms. Liu became pregnant, Ms. Liu's mother rushed over from afar to take care of her daughter.

Unexpectedly, Ms. Liu happily gave birth to the baby, behind 她却开始后悔让自己的母亲过来带娃 。因为,母亲身上发生了一些变化,让刘女士感到非常震惊。

刘女士的女儿忽然间 发高温 , infants with high fever, The best solution is to go to the hospital. However, Ms. Liu's mother, who is not familiar with life, does not know what to do? Therefore, only the older generation can be adopted, and the granddaughter is covered with a thick quilt.

In this way, Ms. Liu has arrived home, He began to blame his mother ,甚至口不择言表示, 对方就是来害自己的孩子的 。听完这句话的老人,惭愧地低下了头。

后来, Ms. Liu's mother was visibly becoming more and more unhappy When Ms. Liu was able to return to the workplace, Ms. Liu's mother said that she was old and did not have the ability to help young people with their babies.So I packed my bags and went home the next day.

刘女士没能挽回住自己的母亲,心里非常的愧疚,因为老人家这两年的付出,他也是看在眼里。特别是爱时髦的母亲 已经两年没有染头发了 ,而且背也是越来越驼。

It was the mother's love that made Ms. Liu's mother come from afar to take care of her daughter, and it was also the mother's love that made Ms. Liu furious with her mother.So, whether it's a mother-in-law with a baby or a mother with a baby, 都一定会有摩擦的。

所以刘女士在跟自己朋友聊天的时候,也在不断的告诫即将走自己走过路的他们,如果有条件,千万 不要让自己亲妈过来带娃。

Second, the hardships of grandmothers with babies, as a daughter, must be visible


For most women, they are married out of wedlock, and if their mother comes to take care of themselves during pregnancy, then the mother will be the same as these women Faced with the embarrassment of unfamiliar life.

For the elderly, they cannot be like the young Immediately adapt to the living conditions in the field So the only spiritual pillar is his own daughter.But no mother complains to her daughter.

Most of the mothers went to the son-in-law's daughter's house, both Impossible to live comfortably 。 Because in their hearts, they are always outsiders.Teacher Gao said that his mother came to take care of himself, and even the fruits in the refrigerator would not take the initiative to touch.You know, Teacher Gao's mother likes to eat fruit the most.

2, the elderly with babies are easy not to please

大部分的婆婆帮忙带娃的时候都表示 自己是帮儿媳妇带娃 ,但是对于姥姥这个身份的人而言,他们带娃就是帮自己的女儿。所以会更无私的付出。

但是, 两代人之间始终会有隔阂, 特别是在育儿这方面。哪怕是亲母女也很有可能会因为孩子的问题发生极大的矛盾。这也是为什么这些老人,帮自己孩子带娃,比免费的保姆还要辛苦的原因。

其实,站在年轻人的角度上来看, 不管是婆婆过来帮忙带娃 Or grandma 帮忙过来带娃,都应该有 感恩之心 。特别是年轻人面对这些老人采取正确,但是过时的育儿办法的时候,一定不要采取斥责等方式来伤老人的心。

婆婆帮忙带娃, 更心疼的是自己的儿子 ,姥姥帮忙带娃,更心疼的是自己的女儿,所以从一定情况上来看,姥姥帮忙更容易让产妇恢复身体健康。

对于年轻人而言,如果有条件,尽量还是 请专业的育儿师过来照顾产妇以及新生宝宝 。这样既不会有家庭矛盾,在育儿知识方面,因为育儿师的专业,也不会让家人因为孩子的问题发生矛盾。


No matter whether it's grandma or mother-in-law, Parents of children should be grateful 。千万不要以为,这是老人该做的。